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UPDATE | July 2017 | Sadly, RAWR has now closed it’s doors in Newcastle-under-Lyme. They will be opening at a new location very soon though, and it’s one of our favourite places too…Trentham Gardens!

RAWR is a Juice and Superfood bar where you can relax and unwind…with your dog!

There are actually two RAWR bars; one in Newcastle-under-Lyme and another in Hanley, Staffordshire. The Newcastle branch has recently been refurbished and condensed into one retail unit instead of two which gave our favourite dog shop, Hounds, an opportunity to move to larger premises.

 Although they have decreased the size of their shop, they have cleverly re-designed the layout so that they could make the most of the space without sacrificing too much of the seating area.

They serve brunch all day and lunch until 3.00pm. You won’t find any deep fried or heavily processed food here – these are replaced by wholesome, freshly made and nutritionally rich sandwiches, wraps, bagels, salad, pasta and breakfast items including porridge and low GI toast.

The drinks menu is extensive and includes a variety of juices, smoothies, shakes, tonics, coffees and teas.

Takeaway food and drinks are also available if you are looking for something on the go…

We treated Elsa to a Frozzyz frozen yoghurt from Hounds and she happily tucked into it while we were waiting for our order.

Our drinks arrived first, a freshly made flat white and a long black.

If you think healthy food is boring then be prepared to think again! We had the ‘Nutta Butta Toast’ – peanut butter served on low GI toast and topped with banana, dates, cacao nibs and cinnamon. Absolutely delicious! We also had a bagel with blueberry jam – simple but very, very tasty.

While we enjoyed our food Elsa managed to polish off the entire tub of frozen yoghurt and looked very pleased with herself! Having Hounds next door is so handy – we’d definitely recommend popping in to get a treat for your pooch to enjoy while you are in RAWR… Elsa didn’t make a sound while we were enjoying our brunch!


We are so pleased that there is another dog friendly eatery in Newcastle-under-Lyme… we thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Elsa. It was really good value for money too!

RAWR – We’ll definitely be back again soon…


1 Fogg St E, Newcastle ST5 2RE


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