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When we originally heard about dog treats made from fish we have to admit that the idea didn’t sound very appealing to us… Our first thought was that they must smell terrible, and the concept of feeding dogs fish just seemed unnatural to us. Fast forward to today and we’d say at least 80% of the treats that we give Elsa are fish based! Fish4Dogs offer an amazing selection of products from ‘Sea Jerky’ to dog food, all made from responsibly sourced and sustainable fish.

We decided to give the Original Sea Jerky Fish Twists/ Dental Chews a try after becoming aware of the dangers of feeding dogs rawhide. Seeking a natural, low calorie alternative that would satisfy Elsa’s need to chew and keep her occupied for a reasonable amount of time, we turned to Fish4Dogs.

Although there is no hiding the fact that they do smell fishy, we were surprised (and relieved) to find that the odour wasn’t as bad as we’d imagined. They certainly don’t smell anywhere near as bad as other dog chews like bully sticks! It’s reassuring to be able to read about the production methods on their website too.

Click here to read about the process ‘From Sea to Bag’

 Elsa also went through a phase of having a very sensitive stomach and since fish is easily digestible, highly nutritious and full of healthy oils and Omega 3 fatty acids she has never had any stomach issues from eating fish based food or treats, much to our relief!

Elsa loved the Fish Twists so much that we started replacing high-calorie dental sticks with these, and baked biscuits with things like the fish skin cubes.

We caught up with Fish4Dogs at Crufts to sample some of the new products that they have to offer, and find out more about this small, independent, British company that is making waves in the dog food industry.

Fish4Dogs has been in business since 2007. The company started with the idea of using waste from the human fish industry to produce nutritious, sustainable dog food and treats with minimal environmental impact. There are just 30 staff, working in rural Worcestershire along with their pack of office dogs who are responsible for taste testing!

[Souce: https://www.fish4dogs.com/About-Fish4Dogs.aspx]

Over the past couple of years Fish4Dogs has diversified their product range to include premium treats like Squid Bites, Fishy Nibbles, Freeze Dried fish cubes and Calamari Rings. They also have several different types of everyday dog food, catering to for different breeds, sizes and tastes.

 One of the most recent additions to the food range is the Finest Sardine Complete. Elsa was given a sample to try and really seemed to enjoy it!

 We love how the Fish4Dogs food range caters to small and large breeds respectively in terms of the actual size of the kibble. Elsa is extremely fussy when it comes to her food. We’ve tried and failed to switch her food brand twice now, purely because she refuses to eat large kibble… she actually goes on hunger strike! The Fish4Dogs small bite is perfect for her.

Elsa also got some new treats from the lovely Fish4Dogs team at Crufts! From left to right in the picture below are the Squid Bites, Fishy Nibbles, Calamari Rings and the Freeze Dried Fish is at the front. The most surprising thing about this particular selection is that we think these treats actually smell quite yummy…

The treats are packaged very well in order to keep them as fresh as possible. We love the personal touch in the detail on the back about them being approved by the office dogs – a reminder that this is a company that places its four legged friends at the heart of everything that they do.

We gave Elsa a selection of the new treats to try and she happily munched her way through them all. Her favourite seemed to be the Squid Bites, although the Calamari Rings also went down very well.

 The new treats got a paws up from Elsa!

Fish4Dogs products are available in most good pet shops, and they also have a fantastic online store where you can buy samples of their food and treats for as little as 50p per bag with free delivery on all orders. Click here to visit their online shop.

 Elsa loves to help open the box when we receive a new delivery.

We decided to stock up on Sea Jerky cubes, Dental Twists and also bought a full bag of the Cornish Sardine dog food for Elsa. She has adapted to eating this food very well and, since it has one of the lowest fat contents compared to most other kibble style dog foods available on the market*, we are hoping that it will help her shed a couple of pounds so that she can reach her ideal weight! According to their website, and other customer reviews, the Omega 3 found in Fish4Dogs can also help to improve the condition of your dog’s coat too. [*Based on our own comparison of the nutritional compositions of a range of kibble based dog food. Fish4Dogs Adult Cornish Sardine – Small Bite has 12% fat content.]

With all the health and nutritional benefits of fish combined with an amazing range of products (and a very satisfied taste tester) we can’t recommend Fish4Dogs highly enough!




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