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July 2017 | We can't believe that it's been over a year since we first visited Ginger & Browns, how time flies!

We are glad to see that they have firmly established themselves and their product range has grown, along with a quaint little wildlife garden just outside the shop. 

We love the wildlife garden! 

The first thing that we noticed as we headed towards the shop was the new wildlife garden feature, in full bloom. 

This is a great way to make the most of a small space. The flowers are very pretty... Elsa seemed to approve as she was too busy sniffing around to pose for a picture!

We've been hanging onto a pallet for ages, not knowing what to do with it, but I think we've found our inspiration now...  

Ginger & Browns are advocates for British wildlife and we really enjoy watching the videos and pictures of the visitors to the garden that they post via thier facebook page

They are also happy to offer advice to anyone who is looking to attract wildlife into their gardens. 

The Shop

This is an amazing place if you are looking for natural, wholesome food and dog (or cat) treats or good quality toys and accessories. Quite a few things caught our eye, and Elsa's!

We also enjoyed chatting to the owners; they are such genuine, lovely people. 

Tail Mail

Ginger&Browns also offer their own range of dog subscription boxes! They have several different themes to choose from including a 'Destroyer' box and a 'Chews & Treats' box, all of which are filled with high quality items, mostly from independent UK-based producers. 


What did we buy?

Hownd wipes are always very useful for cleaning dirty paws, beards and anything else that's a bit mucky.

Elsa loves yak milk chews but we have struggled to find them in shops since we first saw them at Crufts, so we were very pleased to see Yakers in stock here!

Original Post Published on 19th April 2016

Ginger&Browns is a new shop that has recently opened in Blakemere Craft Village.

The shop has an open feel and it has been set out with sections for cats, wildlife and dogs. We really got the sense that all the products had been selected with care... whether it was because they were eco friendly or had particular health benefits etc. Find out more here.

The owners were really friendly and Elsa was more than happy to pose for a picture!

We are cautious about what we give Elsa to eat and were pleased to see some great natural products on offer including Farm Food Rawhide - one of the few types of rawhide that we will give her. It lasts her ages and is great for keeping her occupied when we are having a coffee or eating out somewhere together.

It was also nice to see some local brand names in there like Sweetpea & Boo who make beautiful handmade collars and leads.

We also bought Elsa a new pet water bottle. It's the type that has a roller-ball (hamster style) top that she can lick to dispense water, really handy for when you're out and about and don't want to carry a bowl around. We already have one of these but have dropped it so many times that it's a little worse for wear! Finding this particular pattern online has proved a challenge so I was really pleased to find this! They also had different sizes and other colours too.

The wind playing havoc with Elsa's hair!

Additional information:

  • Lots of free car parking available
  • There is a restaurant as well as a coffee/ cake shop and ice cream available all year round
  • Plenty of shops to look around (although not all dog friendly)
  • Lots of activities for kids to enjoy too


 Blakemere Village, Chester Road, Sandiway, Northwich, Cheshire, Northwich CW8 2EB


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