Dog Fest North 2016 | Arley Hall | Cheshire

Dog Fest, hosted by The Supervet himself; the lovely Mr Noel Fitzpatrick, is an annual fun-filled event featuring anything and everything related to our canine companions!

Dog Fest is normally held over two separate weekends, one for the South and one for the North of the UK. We went to the last day of Dog Fest North which was held in the grounds of Arley Hall.

There is so much to do at Dog Fest. So much that we feel like we only scraped the surface and we are already planning what we’ll be doing when we go next year! Activities included have-a-go agility, a fun dog show, demonstrations, talks, dog dancing, live music, awards, charity dog walks and lots and lots of shopping!

Since we enjoy entering Elsa into fun dog shows, we tried our luck in the ‘Best Looking Female’ and the ‘Good Hair Day’ categories…

As always, there was some stiff competition from the beautiful contenders in both categories, but we were thrilled when Elsa was awarded 1st place in the first heat of the ‘Good Hair Day’ category! So proud of her!

We spent most of the day shopping, eating and at the dog show. Needless to say, Elsa has been very spoiled!

Here are some of our favourite shops that we visited at DogFest:

Ginger & Browns

See our post about Ginger & Browns here.

Elsa picked up a new collar made by Millie & Bailey. Now to find the matching lead…

Finer by Nature

Stocked up on some natural treats including cows ears, veal sticks and fish skin flatties.



Dickie Bag

We are already a huge fan of these products and never go anywhere without our Dickie Bag – its a handy alternative to swinging around full poop bags! Simply bag and put your poop in the specially designed pouch until you reach the nearest bin.

They also sell a range of other products, so we decided to get the matching handy treat pouch… we’ll just have to make sure to not get the two mixed up!


Yummy treats, great sizes for small dogs too.

Eco Dog Company

We picked up a new type of natural rawhide chew here called ‘Rauh!’– made from Moose. Elsa seems to LOVE it, and the packaging is a re-usable zip lock bag which is very handy.

The Alderley Dog House

BB Herbal Pet Treatments

We bought Elsa some paw wax from this store. Although they are not cracked, we like to protect her paws when it is particularly hot/ cold.

Skipper’s Pet Products

Elsa LOVES fish based treats and we have found that they are the most agreeable with her so we stocked up on some fish skin chews here.

Soon it was time to return for the final round of the ‘Good Hair Day’ competition in the dog show. Unfortunately the weather had started to turn but the drizzle didn’t stop Elsa and she was awarded 1st place again, winning the overall category for Best Turned Out Dog of the day!

Of course we couldn’t miss the fantastic Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick who gave some inspiring talks on the main stage.

RNLI #respectthewater

We braved the rain and returned for the ‘Best in Show’ competition, but lost out to a very deserved winner; a lovely rescue dog who had sadly been scalded by a previous owner (absolutely shocking!).

Overall we had a fantastic day out and came home with a very satisfied and tired pup!

Additional information:

  • Car parking was free
  • Lots of refreshments available for both humans and dogs
  • Lots of dog waste bins dotted around

Dog Fest


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