Review | Beco Pocket – the eco-friendly bag holder & Beco Bags | available from Hounds

Hounds, Newcastle-under-Lyme’s independent specialist dog shop, invited Paws across Britain to test out the Beco Pocket; a uniquely designed poop bag holder that comes with a starter supply of Beco Bags. We were more than happy to oblige! Here’s what we thought…

Poop bags are an essential item for all dog owners, particularly as it is an offence not to clean up after your dog in the UK! The prospect of getting caught out without one is pretty grim and Elsa has kindly dropped a few ‘surprises’ for us when we thought she was ‘all out’ in the past, resulting in us coming up with some creative alternatives including empty crisp packets or fast food cups etc – but hey, we picked them up!

One of our pet hates is when people bag up the poop then leave it lying around or hanging from trees etc… we just don’t get it as this is actually worse for the environment because the majority of bags take years to degrade…

Let’s face it, picking up poop is not glamorous or fun, but it has to be done so if there is an opportunity to make the process a bit easier and environmentally friendly then we are all for it!

There are number of different bag holders available to suit any budget, and you can buy poop bags almost anywhere nowadays so we were keen to see how the Beco Pocket and bags differed from others on the market…

The Beco Pocket is manufactured from rice husks and bamboo and is described as being ‘sustainable to produce and biodegradable when finished with’. The bags themselves also contain degradable additives to help them break down quickly. Considering the growing issue relating to the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our ecosystem, and how many poop bags are thrown away (Elsa does approx 2 per day so that’s at least 730 bags used per year!), these factors make Beco products in general very appealing to anyone who is concerned about minimising the environmental impact of this type of waste.

The bags are large and easy to open, particularly as you can tell which end the opening is at! They are also thicker than some of the cheaper ones that you can buy.

The holder has pointed grooves that makes it easier to tear off the bags which is actually a really good design element, you don’t end up pulling half the roll out every time.

The bungee system locks onto dog leads, but we’ve also found that it is easy to attach to bags or even Elsa’s coat! The fact that it doesn’t swing about like other holders is a big bonus, no more clanking around on walks!

Overall we genuinely like this bag holder; it’s practical, functional and looks good too! We also like the fact that both the holder and bags themselves are designed to be eco-friendly.

If you want your own Beco Pocket you can pick one up from Hounds in Newcastle-under-Lyme or from their online store, click here for the link. They available in a range of colours including pink, green and blue as well as the white one shown in the pictures.

See the full Paws across Britain blog post about Hounds by clicking here.


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