Elsa’s 1st Birthday Party! | October 2015

We wanted to do something special for Elsa’s 1st Birthday so we decided to hire the agility arena at Dig It Dogs in Sandbach for a couple of hours of fun!

We celebrated with a circus theme and invited some of Elsa’s friends to have a go on the agility run and generally play and socialise. Most of the dogs had already met, and Elsa has known a few of them since she was a puppy, so this was a great opportunity to get together!

Elsa attended puppy training classes at Dig IT Dogs, and as part of the course we had a free agility taster session which is when we got the idea for her birthday party!

The indoor agility arena can be hired with the equipment, click here for more information. The floor is sand, a non-slip surface for the dogs to run and jump around on.

Elsa absolutely LOVED running around with her friends!

While some dogs attempted to impress on the agility equipment, Elsa was too busy sniffing around…

A quick drink…

There was cake for humans and doggie treats!

Elsa even got her own cards and presents from the other dogs too!

She was VERY spoiled and grateful to everyone that came (especially those with paws) – thank you all again for the lovely gifts!

She had to have a bath when we got home because she was absolutely covered in sand from the arena …her feet were practically orange! A small price to pay for a lot of fun…

We are looking into things to do for her next Birthday… but not sure if we can top this, it was a fantastic day!


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