Pokémon Go Dog Walk | Hounds | Newcastle-under-Lyme | Staffordshire

Hounds host a number of events from puppy parties to dog food tasting days, but there was one event that we couldn’t miss – the Pokémon Go dog walk!

We are huge fans of the game, and often play it while walking Elsa anyway but this was a great opportunity to meet other dog owners and for the dogs to socialise while we all enjoyed collecting Poké balls and catching the many Pokémon dotted around Newcastle-under-Lyme!

Hounds even stocked Pokémon themed bandanas ahead of the event – Elsa had to have one of course…

We also found this cute hair bobble on Etsy, although unfortunately it didn’t stay put once she started jumping around and playing with the other dogs, so we attached it to her lead instead.

We all met at Hounds on Merrial Street in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Fortunately it was a lovely warm and sunny August day, perfect for an early evening walk.

There seemed to be a pattern in that the dogs on the walk were similarly sized…. from dachshunds to chugs, they seemed to get on well and enjoyed having a sniff around together!

Before the walk started all the dogs were given a goodie bag of treats from Hounds. Elsa pestered us all the way around town for hers… so she was happy to have a quick snack when we reached the Pokéstop in Queens Gardens.

These two were absolutely adorable wearing their Pokémon bandanas from Hounds.

Another rest stop at the Grosvenor Roundabout. A hot-spot for Pokémon activity!

Heading back across town to the shop…

Thirsty work for the dogs!

We really enjoyed the walk and it was great to meet other Pokémon playing dog owners too – a big thank you to Hounds for organising this!



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