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[UPDATE JAN 2019: This salon has now closed, but they are offering their services on a mobile basis.] We were very excited to be invited to the open day of a new dog grooming salon and boutique called Clip Snip & Trim in Macclesfield! Elsa enjoyed meeting everyone… and picked up a few new things from the shop too of course!

Although it was only their first day, we were very impressed with how well stocked the shop was already! They sell a selection of food, lots of treats, collars, leads, harnesses and other essentials.

 Open Day! | 3rd Sept 2016

We were greeted with a very warm welcome which included drinks, nibbles, treats and a cute bandana for Elsa!

 Mmm… I’ll just help myself to this, thank you! 


We absolutely loved the Lady and the Tramp style window display and couldn’t resist this photo opportunity!


We’ve been keeping an eye out for a new harness for Elsa and this floral one by Urban Pup fits her perfectly! We couldn’t get away without stocking up on a few treats too. Elsa loves these fishbites so they are always good to have in the cupboard.


We would like to thank everyone at Clip Snip and Trim for such a warm welcome and wish you all the very best with your new shop! 

Clip Snip & Trim

UPDATE JAN 2019 | SHOP NOW CLOSED, Mobile grooming services are still available.


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