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Elsa’s first experience of sand and sea was at Formby beach. The area is a National Trust site and also attracts visitors who want to catch a glimpse of the stunning red squirrels.

The first thing Elsa did when we got to the sand was to roll and rub her face in it! She absolutely loves the texture.

We were lucky enough to see quite a few red squirrels when we arrived on a crisp Spring morning in 2015. They seemed to be everywhere in the woodland area, although they were equally matched in numbers by the photographers waiting patiently for their chance to capture a good shot of these quick-footed and fascinating creatures.

We spent a good couple of hours walking along the beach and exploring the surrounding areas. There are picnic facilities and plenty of benches dotted around where you can sit and relax.

Below is one of our favourite pictures of Elsa – it perfectly captures the excitement and sheer joy of her first beach experience!

 May 2017 | Lhasa Apso Meet on Formby Beach

I can’t believe it took us two years to return to Formby! Where does the time go!?

We scheduled our second visit to Formby to coincide with a Lhasa Apso group meet and we had a great time seeing all the other dogs and chatting with the owners about this lovely breed!

When the tide is out, the beach is HUGE. There was plenty of space for the dogs to run around and the weather couldn’t have been better.

After a quick roll in the sand, Elsa was ready to start meeting the other dogs…

Lhasa Apsos come in a range of colours and sizes and we saw so many different ones at the meet. We thought that Elsa was large for her breed but we saw some that were even bigger than her! There were also small, dainty, Lhasas that made Elsa look huge! She seemed pretty average compared to most though.

We saw a few Lhasas in full coat, including the handsome chap below, a well-known show dog who competed at Crufts this year. It was lovely to see him having fun… I think a lot of people have the misconception that show dogs are kept locked away from the elements, never allowed to get their paws dirty or their coats wet – this certainly wasn’t the case with this fellow who was enjoying himself just like all the other dogs. We also picked up a few grooming tips from his owner!

There were young and old Lhasas at the meet…this little puppy definitely made us broody for another pup!

After meeting the other dogs we branched off from the group to take Elsa down to the water so she could have a run around…

Elsa loves getting wet and was in her element as she ran around on the beach.

 It was all fun and games until she decided to wade out into a very muddy area and got stuck. I almost fell over trying to pull her out! Good job it was bath day…

After rinsing off in the clean water we headed back to join the group on the dry sand… Elsa had the best time, this girl sure knows how to have fun in the sun!

It was busy when we visited but the tide was out and there was so much space that we could easily find a little stretch of sand all to ourselves. It’s extremely popular with dog owners too as there are no restrictions through the year (as far as we are aware).

Although we didn’t get a chance to explore the woodland walk again on this visit, we’d definitely recommend seeing the red squirrels (dogs must be kept on a lead in this area).

Although there are beaches closer to where we live, Formby is worth the extra drive and the wait to get parked… it’s just such a lovely place to be.

Additional information:

  • Make sure to check the tide times before you visit, at times of high tide there can be little or no beach to walk along.
  • Car parking areas available which can get busy at peak times
  • Refreshments and toilet facilities available on Victoria Road
  • There are lots of Geocaches in this area!

 Formby Beach

Victoria Road, near Formby, Liverpool, L37 1LJ


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