Treacle Market | Macclesfield | Cheshire

We made our first visit to the Treacle Market on Sunday 25th September 2016 with Elsa, who also took part in the annual Treacle Hound Dog Show!

It was a soggy start but fortunately the sun quickly made a welcome appearance. The streets of Macclesfield were lined with stalls selling all sorts of crafted goods, antiques, food and drink.

 Some of the beautiful stalls at the Treacle Market

The stall-holders were all very welcoming which gave the market a friendly atmosphere.


We also saw Morris dancers and a brass band playing. Elsa decided to keep her distance when she heard the bells!

There were craft stalls catering specifically to dogs including one of our favourites: Sweetpea & Boo

We spotted lots of dogs at the market showing off their Sweetpea & Boo collars, leads and bandanas!

Finka Wood Products

Finka make beautiful wooden dog beds, bowl holders, toy boxes and lots more! We’ve spotted their products in a few places including Sweetpea & Boo and Hounds in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Elsa has already put a new toy box on her Christmas list…

Treacle Hound Dog Show 2016

A number of special events take place at the Treacle Market throughout the year and in September it is the dog show which was held in the grounds of the church.

We enjoyed watching the ‘best dressed’ category of the show; from minions to witches and clowns, these dogs were all very well presented! Our favourite was the little pug-witch.

We registered Elsa for the ‘Prettiest Bitch’ category but unfortunately she was left sulking after a little nip from a competitor. Don’t worry, no harm was done but she wasn’t on her best form and sadly left the ring empty pawed….

As always, she still got lots of attention on the day including many kind comments from other market-goers!

Elsa was much happier walking around the stalls with us, meeting the many other dogs at the market!

 We had a lovely afternoon overall and picked up a few gifts from the stalls, as well as some yummy pies for dinner, before heading home.

We hear that the Christmas Market is lovely and may have to put this in our diary for December!

Additional information:

  • The Treacle Market takes place on the last Sunday of every month, and on the Sunday before Christmas in December.
  • There is free car parking in most of the car parks in Macclesfield on Treacle Market days.

Treacle Market

Macclesfield, Cheshire


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