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Favourite Products | Chris Christensen – Spectrum Ten, Thick N Thicker and Precious Drop

We recently bought a travel set of Chris Christensen grooming products which included:

Here’s what we thought…

Buying the full sized bottle of a professional product is quite a commitment as they are more expensive than other shampoos you can find on the market, but the benefits really do outweigh the costs. They make a huge difference to keeping a long haired dog such as Elsa in top condition.

Unfortunately we have been stung before when we tried bathing Elsa with another shampoo that was highly recommended to us by a friend who owns two Cockapoos; although it worked wonders on their coats, that particular shampoo made Elsa’s coat quite brittle and difficult to manage.

Travel sized bottles such as these ones by Chris Christensen are ideal as you can test them out on your dog’s coat before taking the plunge and buying the full sized products. Most professional grooming products like these are designed to be diluted so a little goes a long way too.

Chris Christensen have a range of products for various coat types so, after reading the different descriptions of each one, we settled on Spectrum Ten as it is described as being ‘designed specifically for straight or wavy coats to create noticeable smoothness, shine and manageability in just one use.‘ – Chris Christensen

Before the bath

Spectrum Ten – Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo is easy to mix and apply. After a quick lather we rinse Elsa off and apply the conditioner in the same way.

Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein

This product is also easy to apply, much like the shampoo. After leaving to absorb for a couple of minutes we rinse Elsa off and then it’s time to dry her … The effects of this treatment don’t seem apparent straight away, but definitely show once she is fully dry.

Precious Drop

This spray smells gorgeous. It’s infused with lavender blossom oils and is described as ‘the essence of control for all drop coat breeds; producing soft, silky, unimaginably sleek, flowing coats with brilliant shine!’ – Chris Christensen

As it’s pre-mixed, Precious Drop sprays on easily. It definitely helps to dry the coat out quicker too as it seemed to take no time.


True to the description, Elsa’s fur is left soft, smooth and shiny once fully dry.


Now we can see the results of the Thick N Thicker Foaming Protein too – Her fur has a much denser texture and sits beautifully, particularly around her head.

Overall we are very pleased with the results so we would highly recommend all of these products!

We bought this set online from Christies Direct. They also have travel sets available that are suited to different coat textures eg: Spectrum One for coarse and rough coats.

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