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About Us

Paws across Britain | A collection of all the dog friendly places and things that we love across Britain, featuring Elsa - a little Lhasa Apso with a lot of character!

Background | When my husband and I decided to get a puppy in 2014, many of our family and friends tried to warn us that a dog would tie us down. 'You won't be able to have the same lifestyle. You can't just eat out or go away for the weekend whenever you want to when you have a dog!', they said.

The truth is that our lives haven't been the same for many reasons... For example: we never had to get up at 6am to go out for a walk in the freezing rain before then! However, as far as our lifestyle is concerned, Elsa has actually made us more adventurous. She is part of our family and we want to include her in every aspect of our lives, so we see no reason to leave her at home while we are out having fun.

We're fortunate to live in a beautiful country that offers so much to enjoy with your dog from beaches to ancient forests, castles, cities, towns and villages...Once we started looking for dog friendly locations a whole world opened up to us and we've been to places that we never would have gone without a dog!

Paws across Britain started as a platform to share our favourite dog friendly places with a wide audience, but it has evolved into so much more:

A Travel & Lifestyle Blog for People and Dogs! | At the heart of the blog we feature dog friendly locations such as pubs, restaurants, hotels, shops, attractions and other places that you can visit with your dog. Each post gives an overview of the place and any special features that are aimed specifically at dogs. In addition to this we also share our favourite products, post articles about dog-related subjects (e.g.: grooming) and activities like Geocaching that you can enjoy with your dog. We love to attend charity events and actively fundraise whenever opportunities arise to 'suppawt' the dog-oriented organisations that we care about.

The Paws across Britain Pack | Although we love to travel, one set of paws can only go so far. In 2017 we added ‘The Pack‘ section to the blog. This feature is a collection of ‘our favourite dogs and their preferred places’. Each PaB Pack member has their own profile page with details about their character and information about their favourite dog friendly locations in Britain, and beyond!
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Take your Paws across Britain and Stay in a Pub | We are delighted to be collaborating with Stay in a Pub to showcase more of their dog friendly venues! This partnership brings us back to the root of why we started Paws across Britain in the first place: to share wonderful places to visit with your dog! Dog friendly pubs can be found from the Scottish Highlands to Land’s End and they are the perfect base for any adventure! Read more.

The Future | Our aim is to provide readers with a truthful, useful, helpful and down-to-earth account of our experiences. We are wholeheartedly devoted to supporting the businesses, charities and people who love dogs just as much as we do and we will continue to do so with the encouragement of our followers!

 - Kelly, Elsa & Buffy -

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