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[UPDATE March 2019: Bessie & Boo has now closed down permanently!]

We took Elsa to The Valley in Evesham to visit a new pet shop that we’d read about on Facebook.

As we entered the shop we noticed towels by the door. This is a fantastic idea for drying wet paws off on rainy days.

The shop itself is huge and very well stocked with a wide variety of things that we haven’t come across in other pet shops, along with some of our favourite brands including Pooch & MuttFrozzysHurrta and Canagan.

It was nice to see some homemade style baked treats alongside the more commercial brands too.

Unsurprisingly Elsa’s favourite area was the food section… and she let everyone in the shop know that she was hungry!

The ‘pick and mix’ table has everything you would need to throw the perfect ‘pawty’ including dog chocolates, cupcakes, popcorn and hearty snacks including pigs ears and dog beer to wash everything down.

Elsa loved exploring the shop!

It was great to see that Bessie & Boo is actively involved with fundraising for our favourite charity Guide Dogs.

They also stock a range of healthcare, grooming and well-being products including flea & worming treatments, shampoo, toothpaste, natural supplements and holistic remedies.

The dog tag machine is a great idea, and nice to see some unusual tag designs.

We also loved the range of puppy products, particularly this little lamb which simulates a heartbeat sound to comfort young puppies, so adorable!

They stock a selection of grooming products including the FURminator brand.


At least a third of the shop was dedicated to cats and small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.


Elsa checked out the water fountain while we paid for our shopping.


Before we headed home we had a wander around the rest of the shops at The Valley. Some are dog friendly including Outdoor and Country and Fat Face. The garden centre only allows Guide Dogs inside.  There were cafe’s and restaurants with large outdoor seating areas which will be nice when the weather warms up a bit. There are also country walks nearby that you can enjoy with your dogs, although we didn’t explore these on this visit.

When we got home it was time to unpack the shopping bag… We bought a variety of things including some new toys, Pooch & Mutt treats, calming drops and soap.

We like to give Elsa new challenges to keep her mind active so we bought this treat dispenser by Trixie.

We also bought a Little Beast Pet Shampoo Bar which is something that will come in very useful when we need to wash Elsa’s paws off after muddy walks.

Although she may look well behaved in photographs, Elsa often gets over-excited when she goes somewhere new. We decided to try Dorwest Valerian Compound, a herbal remedy which can be given to both dogs and cats. It is designed to calm and relax in order to reduce hyperactivity and anxiety.


We gave her a drop as directed but couldn’t really tell if it had calmed her down or if she was just tired by this point! We’ll try it again the next time she might need it…

We really enjoyed visiting Bessie & Boo with Elsa, and she loves her new toys and treats so it was a very successful trip. We’ll definitely visit this store again!

Bessie & Boo

13 Evesham Rd, Norton, Evesham WR11 4TP


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