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On a recent visit to Chester we stopped at the dog friendly Commonhall Street Social for a bite to eat. We received a very warm welcome from the lovely staff who made a big fuss of Elsa, much to her delight!

After spending the morning in Chester, exploring the city and doing some shopping, we did a quick search on facebook for dog friendly eateries in the city. Most people recommended Commonhall Street Social so we headed in their direction.  It didn’t take long to find once we spotted the sign on the main street. Elsa was already licking her lips in anticipation…

We always like to double check that places are indeed dog friendly, so after getting the ‘thumbs up’ from the staff we headed in and made ourselves comfortable.

The decor is raw and rustic with lots of little quaint and quirky touches bringing everything together.

We were early lunch visitors so it was quiet when we arrived, but soon started to get busier. The seating area is quite spacious so we didn’t feel over-crowded. There was plenty of room for Elsa to sit comfortably underneath our table.

The menu was very appealing… all that walking really helped to work up an appetite! We decided to get a ‘Social Board’ so that we could try a few different things… along with some curly fries!

They also have a specials menu which had a few more hearty meals on it including ‘Spag Bol’ and ‘Bacon Mac ‘n’ Ched’ – yummy!

A bowl of water was very kindly brought out for Elsa!

Much to our relief she didn’t try and tip it over or stick her paws in, which she has been known to do in restaurants before!

Soon our food arrived and we were very impressed!! We chose the Crab & Prawn Spicy Fingers, Cheshire Chorizo Chipolatas, JFC Fried Chicken and some ‘Smokey Joe’ curly fries which came with pulled smoked beef brisket and Monterrey Jack cheese.

 Of course Elsa just had to see what that amazing smell was….

She finally settled and let us eat in peace… but did get a little bit of chicken as a reward too…

On the way out Elsa decided to check out some of the props including a HUGE bear head… we can imagine they have a lot of fun with this when the beers are flowing on a Friday night!


Now that we have found somewhere dog friendly where we can rest and enjoy a yummy meal in the centre of Chester we can’t wait to go back again!

Paws in The City

Chester is a great place to walk around with a dog. There are so many areas to explore including parks, the riverside and the city walls. Dogs are even allowed to walk on the racecourse when it’s not in use.

We saw LOTS of dogs out and about with their owners when we visited. Look at this gorgeous pack doing some shopping!

Many shops including White Stuff and Sea Salt welcome dogs inside too!

White Stuff | Chester

We had a lovely time visiting Chester with Elsa and will be going back to do some more exploring soon… In the meantime if anyone knows of any dog friendly shops, pet shops, café’s, restaurants or attractions in and around Chester please let us know by posting a comment below or contacting us via the social media icons on the navigation bar above.

Commonhall Street Social

10 Commonhall St, Chester CH1 2BJ


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