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Favourite Products | Waggs 2 Whiskers Toy Box

When we went to Middleport Mutts in November we were very impressed with the handmade toy boxes that Waggs 2 Whiskers had on display. We’d been looking for something like this for a while and decided that this would be the perfect Christmas present for Elsa…

We started by drawing a picture of the style of box that we wanted and sent it over to Waggs 2 Whiskers to see if our idea would be possible. We’d seen similar toy boxes on Pinterest and loved the concept of being able to pop the toys in the top of the box, and Elsa pulling them out of the opening at the bottom herself. Once we’d finalised all the details, including the colour and measurements, we agreed on a price, paid a deposit, and waited with excitement to see the finished box!

Although we’d placed the order quite close to Christmas, Waggs 2 Whiskers were very helpful and reassured us that it would be ready in plenty of time… and it was! They also kindly kept us updated of the progress as we waited.

When it was delivered we were thrilled to see that it was exactly as we’d requested; from the colour to the bone shaped cutouts, everything about the toy box is just what we wanted!

The box is very sturdy and has a couple of little features that we had overlooked including a stopper to ensure that the lid doesn’t open too far and overstretch the hinges.

We thought it would be fun to wrap up the rest of Elsa’s Christmas gifts and put them inside the box for her to open on Christmas Day. When we gave it to her she sniffed out the treats we’d hidden and immediately started tearing her way through the paper and into the box, just as we’d hoped!

We were very pleased that Elsa seemed to grasp that she needed to pull things out of the opening straight away…

In addition to the toy box we also had a bone shaped hook plaque made for us, pictured below. Again, Waggs 2 Whiskers were very accommodating and made it to our exact requirements; without any hooks. Our original idea was to attach quirky mismatching hooks but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find any that are ideal so far, so we’ve just used plain hooks for the time being.

The hook plaque is made of very sturdy wood and painted the same shade of grey as the toy box.

Waggs 2 Whiskers also make things like wooden dog beds and food bowl holders which can be painted in a range of colours. We are very happy with how Elsa’s toy box and hook plaque turned out and would definitely recommend them! You can tell by the craftsmanship that a lot of care is taken to make sure that every detail is absolutely perfect.


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