Elsa’s Guide Dog Puppy Sponsorship

We decided to show our support and help raise awareness for Guide Dogs by sponsoring a Guide Dog puppy on behalf of Elsa! 

Our journey began when we participated in a Dogs Unite for Guide Dogs walk organised by Hounds in July 2016. As much as we enjoyed this event we still wanted to do more to support these clever canines who change lives by allowing people to be more confident and independent on a day-to-day basis.

Guide Dogs research and campaigning helps to improve the rights of people who are visually impaired and educates the public about eye care. They also fund eye care research, and all this is done with no government funding!

They rely solely on donations from individuals and, with over 4,700 guide dog partnerships in the UK and another person losing their sight every hour, they need all the help that they can get! So, in October 2016 we decided to start sponsoring a Guide Dog puppy

Choosing A Puppy

There are always a few different puppies available for sponsorship and it was too hard to choose just one, so we made Elsa do it! 

We wrote the three available names down on cards - Una, Lexi and Zac and let Elsa paw at the cards. The one that she hit first had Lexi's name on it.

Strangely, before we settled on Elsa's name, we had considered Lexi so it seemed like fate! 

Ongoing Support

As well as the sponsorship certificate, we are sent regular 'Pupdates' that tell us about Lexi's progress, along with photos and an exclusive calendar.

We were very interested to find out that Lexi has a famous relative - her sister is Luna who you might recognise from ITV's This Morning!

It takes 24 months to train a Guide Dog and costs approximately £42,300, so sponsoring Lexi will help fund things like food, training and vet bills. Once fully trained, it will cost approximately £12,300 to support the working partnership. 

If you would like to sponsor your own Guide Dog puppy please click here for more information. This would also make a great gift for someone!

You can also support Guide Dogs by taking part in fundraising events like 'Walking the Dog Day' or by making a donation via their Just Giving page

Guide Dogs


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