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We visited this shopping village after reading about a pet shop called Bessie & Boo on Facebook. Once we got there we were pleased to discover that some of the other retailers in The Valley are also dog friendly…

Our first stop was and we really loved this shop; read our full blog post by clicking here.

Next we visited Outdoor and Country where we received a warm welcome from the staff, Elsa included.

They stock products from top British brands including Hunter, Joules and Seasalt along with dog coats and accessories by Barbour.

Elsa was even asked to model one of the wax Barbour coats for a photograph!

Fat Face is another dog friendly retailer that can be found in The Valley, next door to Bessie & Boo.

Elsa enjoyed walking around and we made the most of a few minutes of lovely sunshine between the clouds.

The Valley is also home to Evesham Garden Centre, although only Guide Dogs are allowed inside here.

Despite the fact that not all of the retailers allow dogs inside, the outdoor layout of The Valley is still very dog friendly and we met several other dogs there including a gorgeous Beagle puppy who was headed for a country walk. This is something that we plan to do with Elsa on our next visit, when the weather is a little warmer!

On our way back to the car we met a lovely couple who were headed towards Bessie & Boo with their Maltese dogs. Elsa charged over to say hello and we ended up chatting about dog friendly shops and places around Britain. It was a lovely way to end our brief shopping trip!

The Valley is definitely somewhere we’ll visit again. We are looking forward to exploring the countryside walks, and we’ll be sure to take advantage of warmer weather when we can sit outside with a drink or have some lunch at one of the cafes or restaurants.

 Additional information:

  • Large, free car park
  • Keep an eye on Bessie & Boo’s facebook page for various events that are held here throughout the year including fun dogs shows, Dogs Unite walks, Christmas pet parades and professional dog photography sessions.

The Valley Evesham

Evesham WR11 4TP


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