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The highlight of our visit to the North Norfolk coast in September 2016 was taking Elsa to see the seals at Blakeney Point with Beans Boat Trips.

After checking the timetable and weather forecast online we called Beans to book our tickets. It was quick and easy and we were given instructions to arrive at Morston Quay approx 30 minutes prior to departure. There is a car park on site and we only had a short walk to where we needed to wait for the boat. The crew and boats are very easy to spot as they have bright orange uniforms and the boats are painted the same colour.

Although the tide was extremely low when we arrived it rushed in very quickly and in the space of 20-30 minutes we were ready to set sail! By this time there were a number of people gathered waiting. It was a lovely balmy evening and the atmosphere was relaxed but also exciting. Everyone was in good spirits as we clambered onto the boat.

The Norfolk Coast is very dog friendly and it just seemed natural that everyone took their dogs everywhere with them… There were at least three dogs on our boat, including Elsa.

When we set sail the tour guide pointed out a number of historical sites and famous boats around the harbour. We also saw a variety of sea birds along the coast.

As we got closer to Blakeney Point little heads started to pop out of the water around us and there were gasps and squeals of excitement as we all caught our first glimpse of a seal.

Soon we could see three seals sunbathing on the beach, and upon closer inspection we realised that these were actually adorable seal pups! Up until this point we had no idea what to expect and this seemed to be a successful trip…Everyone was delighted to see these little babies!

It was only when the boat sailed farther along that we realised we were in for a much bigger treat!

 The other side of the beach was covered in a mixture of Grey and Common seals of various different shapes, sizes and colours!

The boat circled round a few times so that wherever you were sat you could get a really good look at the the seals.

It was lovely to spend time with the seals as they relaxed, bounced around the beach and curiously watched us take photographs of them. There were so many of them and we were really close, it definitely seemed to be a good way of visiting them without disturbing them… they actually seemed to enjoy watching the boat too!

A few of the seals actually jumped into the water so that they could swim up to the boat for a closer look…

The trip lasted about an hour but it felt like we’d spent lots of quality time with the seals.

Elsa was so well behaved the whole time. We had taken her on a boat before but it wasn’t anything like this. The water was mostly calm but did get a little choppy in the surf as the boat was circling round. We held her tight and she didn’t seem bothered at all. She was quite curious about the seals and definitely had a good look at them too!

 This is definitely something we’d do again and would highly recommend!

Additional information:

  • Beans Boat Trips sail throughout the year, weather permitting. Click here to visit their website for more information about departure times and prices.
  • You don’t have to pay extra to take your dog with you on the boat but they do ask that you keep them on a lead and be mindful of other passengers.

Beans Boat Trips


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