Bird Ventures | Holt | Norfolk

This lovely shop is tucked away in a corner of Chapel Yard in the dog friendly market town of Holt.

Although it is called Bird Ventures, they also stock a range of dog care products by some of our favourite brands including Lily’s Kitchen, EzyDog, Fish4Dogs and BeCo Pets.

The shop is ‘L’ shaped and has two doors, one at each end. We went into the bird section first and, true to the shop’s name, they stock a huge variety of products for wild birds from nest boxes to food. They also sell products for other British wildlife including hedgehog boxes and insect habitats.

We headed straight to the dog section with Elsa… although it’s small, they have chosen their products really well and had all the basics you would need including food, treats, dog coats, toys and other accessories including some cute handmade bandanas next to the till.


It was another hot day in September 2016 and Elsa didn’t really feel like posing for pictures!

We didn’t get far from the shop before she decided that it was time for a break and a rest on the cool pavement in the shade…

Since we were on a coastal holiday in Norfolk we decided to treat Elsa to some Lily’s Kitchen Surf & Turf for dinner, and picked up a rope toy for her to play with from Bird Ventures.

Additional information:

  • There is a large pay and display car park next to Bird Ventures.
  • Holt is a great place to explore as there are many dog friendly retailers and cafes.

Bird Ventures

Holt NR25 6HG


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