Brancaster Beach | Norfolk

When we visited the North Norfolk coast in September 2016 we couldn’t believe our luck – not only does this part of the country have some of Britain’s most dog friendly and amazing beaches, we were also hit by a heat wave which lasted the entire week of our holiday! The first place we went was Brancaster Beach.

Although there are some restrictions imposed on dogs from certain dates, the beach is massive so it’s easy to avoid the dog free area.

Elsa absolutely loves the beach, and the texture of sand, so she was in her element as soon as we got out of the car.

Elsa was overjoyed when she spotted a little Yorkie and headed over to say hello!

 We’d driven a long way to get here so we let Elsa stretch her legs and have a good run around in the shallow water which she loved!










It’s such a joy to watch Elsa run and play on the beach, she loves rolling around in the sand too!


The beach is four miles long but it’s also very wide so it feels like an incredible amount of space. Believe it or not there were other people there, but it was so easy to find a huge stretch of the beach all to ourselves…

Elsa also enjoyed exploring the rocks. The dry sand was so fine and soft that it started to drop off her fur very quickly as she dried.


Brancaster Beach is part of the Brancaster Estate, managed by the National Trust. It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy spending time with your dog in an open, spacious environment.

Additional information:

  • There is a car park on site, just a short walk from the beach.
  • Always check the information boards for details of any dog restrictions.
  • There are dog waste bins behind the toilet block near the car park.

Brancaster Beach

Brancaster, King’s Lynn PE31


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