Paws and Rewind – January 2017

Paws and Rewind – January 2017

Paws and Rewind is a look back at the places, products, activities and events that we have been enjoying with Elsa over the past month.

We started January 2017 with a day-trip to Chester. This city is very dog friendly and we saw lots of pups out shopping and exploring with their owners. We took Elsa to a new eatery called Commonhall Street Social and enjoyed a lovely lunch.

New Year, New Look for Paws across Britain thanks to pipdig! The new template came with clear instructions so we were able to quickly give the blog a complete make-over. Pipdig’s customer service is first-class, no query was too much trouble and they articulated everything very well. We are really pleased with how it’s turned out and hope our readers are enjoying the new look too!

Paws across Britain also reached a huge milestone on Instagram too and we now have over 1,000 followers. Thank you for all your support!

Christmas left us with some lovely gifts, including this amazing Pet Portrait by Carrie-Ann. We gave Elsa a new toy box and beautiful matching bone shaped hook plaque to hang her leads on, made by Waggs 2 Whiskers.

We have enjoyed going to a few of our favourite places and spending time with friends, including the handsome Gio at Trentham Gardens.

January has been typically cold, damp and dark, so we’ve found new ways to entertain Elsa indoors with lots of brain training games.

Let it snow! One good thing about winter is that we usually have some snow, and Elsa always makes the most of it…

When payday finally arrived we took Elsa to a new pet shop called Bessie & Boo at The Valley – Evesham. Elsa was asked to model a coat in the Outdoor & Country store and enjoyed all the fuss. Meeting the other dogs at The Valley made her day, so overall we had a very successful trip!

We rarely leave a pet shop empty handed and there were a lot of new products in Bessie & Boo that we hadn’t seen elsewhere including a Little Beast Pet Shampoo Bar and Dorwest Valerian Compound.

The shampoo bar comes in very handy when we just need to wash Elsa’s paws after a muddy walk, without giving her a full bath. Although we thought it would have dried her fur out, it actually does the opposite; leaving her paw fur soft and silky. A little goes a long way too, so this bar is sure to last a while.

The Dorwest Valerian Compound is a natural, organic herbal remedy designed to calm stressed or anxious dogs and cats. Elsa often gets over-excited when we take her somewhere new, so we thought we’d try these drops to see if it helps calm her in these situations… we’ve only tried it a couple of times so the jury is still out on this one!

Next month – we have a special afternoon tea booked in a dog friendly cafe, Valentine’s Day and lots more to look forward to…


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