Sandringham Game & Country Fair | Sandringham Park | Norfolk

This country fair took place on the 10th-11th September 2016. We hadn’t planned to go but we were in the area and decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!

The car park was huge, with plenty of spaces available when we arrived, and it was only a short walk to the fair. We entered near to where most of the dog related events were being held and throughout the day there were various different activities taking place including training clinics, working gun dog demonstrations and a fun dog show.

There were also a number of shops selling a range of dog related products at the fair.

The World of Dogs arena was where various displays took place throughout the day from agility to working dog demonstrations.

Another main attraction was the Horseboarding Championships. This took place in a large central arena and you could really feel the power of the horses through the ground as they galloped past.

 This event was very popular. Elsa was completely fascinated by the horses… she didn’t even notice other dogs trying to get a quick sniff of her!

We eventually managed to coax Elsa away from the horses…

There were lots of lovely shops at the fair including Joules. This brand seemed to be particularly popular across Norfolk, and it’s one of our favourites too!

As we wandered around we came across even more dog shops including D.A.S designs, Lynn’s Leads, the One Stop Dog Shop and Finer by Nature.


After we did some shopping and had lunch we headed back to the World of Dogs…

We love a good dog show so we decided to enter Elsa into a couple of the categories…

We found some shade where we could sit until the dog show began, and took the opportunity to give Elsa a quick brush and straighten her bow.

Gillies Leap Dog Show

This was a dog show unlike any other we have been to… the judge immediately warmed the crowd up with cheerful, funny and heartwarming anecdotes of much loved dogs, past show winners (some hadn’t even entered the competitions!) and also encouraged bribery!!

There were some absolutely gorgeous dogs competing in the show including an adorable Bichon Frise puppy which was just too cute for words!

We had fun, but in hindsight we probably should have taken the invitation to bribe the judge a bit more seriously! Still, Elsa left the ring with a 4th place rosette in the ‘Prettiest Bitch’ category and we were more than happy, especially given that she is somewhat of a tomboy!

Indago Dog Photography were also at the fair, taking pictures of the dogs in the show.

After Elsa’s success at the dog show we spent some more time looking around…There were a number of pens dotted about where you could meet various different hounds, gun dogs and terriers.

Elsa loved seeing all the different dogs at the fair, including this handsome chap with his flat cap on!

We also enjoyed watching some dogs tackle the agility course…

Having spent the best part of a day at the fair, we decided to head home with a very tired Elsa…

This was definitely one of the best shows we have been to for dog-related activities. There were also many other attractions including a craft village, falconry, clay shooting, angling, chainsaw carving and ferret racing!

The annual Sandringham Game & Country Fair is organised by Living Heritage Events, who run a number of Fairs and Shows across the country from Spring through to Autumn. Click here to find out more.


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