Whelk Coppers | Sheringham | Norfolk

This quaint, dog friendly tea room sits at the end of the West Promenade in Sheringham.

As we walked along the coastal path we noticed the Whelk Coppers sign (in the picture below) and decided to stop for a drink and a bite to eat.

It’s always great to see places that clearly state that they are dog friendly…they seem more welcoming in general and we don’t have to worry about being turned away with Elsa.


The courtyard outside overlooks the sea front and has spectacular views but sadly all the tables were taken so we headed inside where we found plenty of space to settle with Elsa.

The wood panelling on the walls gives the Whelk Coppers a very distinctive look and we found the information below on the mantelpiece which details the interesting background of this historic building. We were particularly impressed by the connection with Walt Disney!

The menu had a variety of breakfast items, as well as sandwiches and afternoon teas. We settled on coffee and cake and enjoyed our treats so much that we forgot to take a picture!

 As we were sat near to the door, Elsa got a lot of attention from other visitors and we had a conversation with a gentleman who had owned Lhasa Apsos in the past. It’s always nice to speak to other dog lovers and we find that dog friendly places such as the Whelk Coppers attract such lovely people!

On our way out we decided to have another look at the wrought iron gates, having learnt about their interesting history…

…they are very intricate and beautiful, so it’s quite plausible that they were designed by Walt Disney. Either way, they are one of many reasons to visit Whelk Coppers Tea Rooms!

Additional information:

  • If you are looking for somewhere to stay, Whelk Coppers also has a self-catering ground floor apartment available. We’re not sure if this is dog friendly or not, so if you find out please let us know!

Whelk Coppers

25 The Driftway, Sheringham NR26 8LD


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