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This was our second visit to Middleport Pottery’s extremely popular Middleport Mutts event. Elsa took part in the ‘Dog Fun Show’ and we enjoyed seeing some familiar faces, as well as some new ones this time around…

The last Middleport Mutts event we attended was in November 2016. We enjoyed our afternoon there and were pleased to hear that they would be hosting another. Click here to read more about our first visit.

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Along with some familiar stall holders like Pebble’s Legacy and Greyhound Gap, we also noticed:

The Cinnamon Trust | A specialist national charity for elderly or terminally ill people and their pets.

This charity aims to preserve the relationship between owners and their pets through the hardest of times by providing fostering services and long term care for pets, should the worst happen.

SIMPLY pawsome | 100% organic dog care products including paw wax, soothing balm, shampoo and sprays.


All their products are hand made in the UK, with natural ingredients. We picked up some ‘Walk in the Park’ shampoo which smells gorgeous.

Hounds on Tour

It was great to see our favourite dog shop with their very own stall at Middleport Mutts!

Elsa can’t believe her eyes!

The stall had a fantastic selection of some of their best-selling products including natural dog chews, Lily’s Kitchen products and Beautiful Joe’s Dog Treats.

Outside we saw The Doggie Boat – a floating dog shop filled with treats, toys and accessories.

Middleport Mutts is a very popular event and there were LOTS of dogs there. It was a great opportunity to meet up with friends and we loved seeing Harry the Chug along with Max the Shih Tzu.

Marvelous Max with Handsome Harry

After a quick run around the agility course with Elsa, we watched the beginning of the dog show. There were dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds from tiny Chihuahuas to huge Leonbergers.

We entered Elsa in the show and waited patiently for her categories to come up…

While we were watching the dog show a couple of Elsa’s other friends came over to say hello! Here she is with Daisy May the Schnauzer and Piglet the Frenchie.

Daisy May, Piglet and Elsa

Piglet and Harry

We saw Tilly (below) who we’ve met before, at the Hounds Christmas Jumper Party, although she is a lot bigger now!

Tilly the Bichon

And we recognised the cute little fella below from the Newcastle-under-Lyme Christmas Pet Parade


Elsa and Harry competed in the Fancy Dress category of the dog show….

There were some fantastic costumes, including Max as the ‘HeineDog’!

Harry brought some Irish charm to the competition but sadly he and Elsa didn’t have much luck and both went home empty pawed.

It was over all too soon, but we had fun with Elsa’s friends and enjoyed seeing some of the new stalls at the event!

Click here for the link to Middleport Mutts Part 1 – November 2016

Middleport Pottery

Port St, Middleport, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 3PE


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