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Elsa absolutely loves the beach, so when some friends suggested that we meet up in the seaside resort of New Brighton we jumped at the opportunity!

Although there have been ongoing reports in the press about campaigns to impose dog restrictions on this beach for a few years, none have actually been implemented as far as we could tell. We didn’t see any signs on or near the beach and there were certainly a fair number of dogs enjoying the beach and surrounding areas with their owners.

The day started out quite a sunny and warm, but as soon as we arrived the weather turned and almost looked as if a storm was rolling in! The wind was ferocious but this didn’t stop us and we actually ended up having the entire beach to ourselves for a good hour or so! Absolutely nothing could have stopped Elsa from having fun and she delighted in running and rolling around in the sand…

The tide was low and the dogs had so much space to run around and explore. Although they ran quite far out, they never made it to the sea – much to our relief! Elsa had already collected a good amount of sand in her fur at this point…

It was Cinnamon the Dachshund’s very first time at the beach too…. she and Elsa had the best time chasing each other around.

It was lovely seeing Elsa and Cinnamon bond and play together, it really made the trip to the beach worthwhile, even if the weather was less than perfect!

Harry the Chug and Max the Shih Tzu also joined us, along with the rest of the Happiland Hounds: Woody and Charlie.

Harry definitely won the award for being the cleanest dog to ever step off a beach!

When the dogs finished exploring, we walked up and down the beach together before finally heading home to give Elsa a nice soak in the bath!

New Brighton beach is surrounded by seaside amusements, shops, a supermarket and even a cinema. There are a number of cafes and restaurants that have outdoor seating areas where you could grab a bite to eat with your dog, although be prepared for a long wait at peak times as the area can get very busy. We also noticed Marino Lounge, part of The Lounges group, which has a small dog friendly section indoors.

Events are held here throughout the year, including the New Brighton Seaside Festival which includes a Doggy Fancy Dress Parade!

There is an attractive coastal walk which is worth checking out, click here for more information.

Plenty of car parking available but be prepared to queue at peak times.

New Brighton Beach

Kings Parade, New Brighton, Merseyside, CH45 3QW


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