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Updated Post - January 2019 | RAWR (Trentham) seems to have closed down!

RAWR may have re-located but they certainly haven't lost any of their style by moving to one of the brand new, log cabin style retail outlets at The Trentham Estate.

They now have a more spacious seating area, and their dog friendly policy will undoubtedly attract more passing customers since Trentham is very popular with dog walkers! We visit at least once a fortnight in winter and up to three times a week in summer...

On the menu you can find healthy milkshakes, smoothies, soups, breakfast bagels, toasts, wraps and sandwiches. They always have a selection of freshly baked cake slices and flapjacks available at the counter - perfect for a little treat that won't make you feel like you've broken too many of your New Year's  Resolutions...

On this visit we'd been for an early morning walk around The Italian Gardens and I wasn't too hungry so I opted for a smoothie called 'The Mood Booster' - banana, cacao powder, almonds, dates, figs and almond milk - absolutely delicious. My husband ordered a flat white with a slice of a coco-nutty, cacao covered flapjack...of course I ended up eating a good chunk of this too, it was just so yummy! 

Although there aren't any dog treats on the menu,  Doggie Fashions is only a short walk away (in the original section of the Trentham Shopping Village), so you could always pick up a snack for your pooch on the way to RAWR. 

We are regular visitors to The Trentham Estate with Elsa, and it's always good to know where you can get a decent cup of coffee and a healthy, wholesome bite to eat after a long walk - we are so glad that RAWR have moved here!

Original Post - April 2017 | Before RAWR re-located to Trentham Gardens they had a shop in Newcastle-Under-Lyme!:

RAWR is a Juice and Superfood bar where you can relax and unwind...with your dog!

There are actually two RAWR bars; one in Newcastle-under-Lyme, pictured above, [now re-located to Trentham Gardens] and another in Hanley, Staffordshire.

They serve brunch all day and lunch until 3.00pm. You won't find any deep fried or heavily processed food here - these are replaced by wholesome, freshly made and nutritionally rich sandwiches, wraps, bagels, salad, pasta and breakfast items including porridge and low GI toast.

The drinks menu is extensive and includes a variety of juices, smoothies, shakes, tonics, coffees and teas.

Our drinks arrived first, a freshly made flat white and a long black.

If you think healthy food is boring then be prepared to think again! We had the 'Nutta Butta Toast' - peanut butter served on low GI toast and topped with banana, dates, cacao nibs and cinnamon. Absolutely delicious! We also had a bagel with blueberry jam - simple but very, very tasty.

We are so pleased that there is another dog friendly eatery in Newcastle-under-Lyme [now re-located to Trentham Gardens] ... we thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Elsa. It was really good value for money too!


 Updated Address 2019 following the closure of the Trentham store: 31 Picadilly, Cultural Quarter, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 1EN


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