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This dog friendly coffee house offers a unique dining experience for both you and your dog… They have a mouth-watering menu including delicious cakes and dog treats that look just as good as the human ones!

We found Salami & Co. on Instagram just before they officially opened in November 2016 and have enjoyed following their progress through the pictures of their adorable canine customers and absolutely amazing looking food… Although we have visited a number of dog friendly cafes, we’ve never been anywhere that caters for dogs like this before.

We seemed to time our visit perfectly as we were told that we’d just missed the ‘morning rush’ when we arrived. We took the opportunity to take a few pictures while it was quiet but it didn’t take long for the customers to start filtering in.

Elsa explored the shop and couldn’t wait to get her paws on the treats!

All of the dog treats are baked on site, apart from the Innocent Hound sausages which are produced locally in Wetherby.

Drinks | There are a range of coffees and teas to choose from. Dogs can also enjoy their very own ‘puppuccino’!

Food | We were presented with two menus – one for humans and one for hounds.

Salami & Co. pride themselves on sourcing high quality ingredients from local suppliers and producers including Leeds Bread Co-Op breads, pastries from Dumouchel Bakery, coffees from Maude and Casa Espresso and cheeses from The Courtyard Dairy.

Elsa’s order arrived first and she couldn’t wait to tuck in! We chose one of the Salami & Co. dog biscuits to go with her puppuccino. We absolutely love how they serve the dog treats on their own special plate.

As you can see the treats went down very well… Elsa took her time and really seemed to enjoy them!

While Elsa was busy polishing off her treats we tucked into our ‘Grilled Cheese’ from the human menu. It arrived beautifully presented on the plate. Made from Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese, salami and bechamel on toasted sourdough bread – this is THE best sandwich we’ve had in a long time!

We also had a piece of the lavender cake which was moist, fluffy and delicious!

The food wasn’t the only thing we loved about Salami & Co.; the interior is also very stylish! Laura Wellington – a talented, Leeds based, British designer collaborated with One We Made Earlier to give this coffee house a very distinct look.

So much attention has been paid to every detail including hooks at each table that you can use to tether your dog while you are seated. We also love this unit (pictured below) where you can help yourself to a dog bowl, mat or towel.

Even the water bowls are perfectly coordinated with the tableware!

Shop | There is a small section at the front of the coffee house where they display locally produced and specially selected products alongside their own Salami & Co. merchandise for sale!

We couldn’t go home empty handed so we treated ourselves to a mug and some chicken sausages for Elsa!

While we were having lunch a very handsome chap came in and sat at the table beside us… Little Reggie was there to try his very first puppuccino too! This gorgeous pup was so well behaved and attracted a lot of attention. We really enjoyed chatting to his lovely owners!

Salami & Co is a great place to meet dogs and Elsa enjoyed making friends while we were there.

Salami and Co. is owned by Lucy and Simon who have two dachshunds called Salami and Bagel.

Before opening Salami & Co. Simon worked in the wine industry as well as being a cheese monger directly before opening. Previous to this he had worked in the catering industry for the high court judges and Andrew Lloyd Webber (to name but a few).

 Lucy worked in advertising and marketing for about four years – working in the Local Marketing Team at Asda for the year and half before opening. Prior to this she worked in the kitchens along with Simon at a five star hotel in Cyprus.

This experience has clearly given Lucy and Simon the expert skills needed to deliver high quality food and service to their customers.

Lucy was kind enough to answer a few questions for Paws across Britain:

Why did you decide to open Salami & Co.?

We opened for the love of dogs and so that we could bring something we think can be lacking on the high street – a place where human and hound can relax together and share the experience. 

We travelled quite a distance to visit Salami & Co. Do you get a lot of customers doing the same, or would you say the majority of your customers are locals/ regulars?

We attract a real mixture of customers, we’ve had people as far as Boston (USA), Devon, Durham – I think quiet a lot of people find us as a destination to go especially to treat their dog, which we love. We do have a friendly group of ever growing regulars (which we know by name) and enjoy getting to know their humans too.

Do most of your customers bring dogs with them?

We’d say about 30% of people come without dogs and 70% with – although this can change really easily. It’s nice to feel that people don’t feel that they have to have a dog to come in either. A lot of people who don’t own a dog, either love being around them and spending time with other peoples dogs, or are just scoping the place out before they bring their own hound along.

What are your most popular human treats? 

We’d say that the most popular human treats are the brownies – however as we change our menu regularly favourites change, especially the savoury dishes.

What are your most popular dog treats?

We’d say the puppuccinos and venison sausages are the most popular treats currently.
Sometimes this changes to include the biscuits we make – especially if its seasonally – for example the ‘I woof you’ love heart dog biscuits we did for Valentines.

Do you have any plans to expand or open any other branches/ franchise?

Currently we’re just focusing on our first coffee house, we’ve only been open five months, so want to make sure we’ve got this place as good as it can get. We have some ideas in the pipeline, another coffee house and perhaps a sideline but all kept under the Salami & Co. name (can’t say too much as we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise when we eventually do get to open it).

Do you host events etc throughout the year?

We’re aiming to hold some events – for example wine and cheese nights, where humans will be able to bring their hounds along with them too.
In regards to our hound customers, we did hold a private corgi party recently, which went down really well. I think we’ll be looking at doing some more events similar to this, or hold fundraising events for a doggy charity of choice.

Are your customers always well behaved?

They’re amazingly well behaved, so much so, we’d say that the hounds are better behaved than some of the humans we have in ๐Ÿ™‚ 

What do your own dogs make of the coffee house? Do they enjoy spending time there?

Well Salami walks around like shes owns the place… ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially after we close on an evening – they both run around trying to hoover any crumbs that may have been dropped by hounds during that day. And in the mornings before we open they both like to chill out on the chairs in the window and watch the world go by. They’re always happy to be here, so much so sometimes Bagel doesn’t want to leave and sits in a corner refusing to get her harness on.

What are their favourite treats from the shop?

I don’t really think they have a favourite as such – they just love food in general – haha – but they’re a bit obsessed with the sausages!

We really enjoyed our trip to Salami & Co. – it was even better than we’d imagined despite us arriving with high expectations!

The photographs just don’t do it justice. This coffee house has an amazing, friendly atmosphere; everyone is so welcoming. It’s uniquely designed with the highest level of attention paid to every detail from the interior decor to the facilities available. The quality of the food that they serve sets the bar very high…Although we live a couple of hours away, this is definitely somewhere we will visit again… and again, and again!

Salami & Co

10 Market Pl, Otley LS21 3AQ


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