Hardwick Hall Country Park | Sedgefield | County Durham

This dog friendly park is set in the beautiful countryside of County Durham. There are a choice of routes that you can take to explore the grounds with plenty of things to see and lots of photo opportunities along the way!

Entrance to Hardwick Hall Country Park is free, but there is a small charge to park your car.

There are signs that outline the conditions for walking your dogs on site in order to protect the local wildlife and respect other visitors.

Many families visit the park to take advantage of the facilities and activities aimed at children.

We were in the North East visiting our family and Hardwick Park was an ideal place to meet up for an afternoon walk. Elsa was joined by her doggy ‘Aunty’ Millie and ‘Uncle’ Spike. Two little Chihuahuas with very big personalities!

From the woodland area we walked out into an open area towards the direction of the lake and took in the gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside.

Hardwick Hall Hotel sits on the opposite side of the the lake. Unfortunately this hotel is not dog friendly, which is a shame as it would be a lovely place to stay and take full advantage of the gorgeous surroundings.

Millie enjoyed watching the birds…

There are many things to see and sniff so the dogs had a great time exploring the grounds.

Along with the beautiful natural landscape, there are some very attractive man-made structures in the park including the rubble bridge pictured below.

Our walk took about an hour. From the car park we walked along the bottom of the Serpentine River, up past the Temple of Minerva and around the top of the lake, across the rubble bridge, past the Gothic Ruin (pictured below) and back to the car park. The grounds are quite clean, and there are dog waste bins near to the Visitor Centre.

We had a very relaxing walk with the dogs in the gorgeous surroundings of Hardwick Hall Country Park.

The route that we took was just the right length for Elsa, Millie and Spike to enjoy without getting too tired. It’s the sort of place that you could visit a few times and take different routes to keep the walks interesting too. Aside from the (reasonable) £3/day charge at the car park, the fact that you can explore the park for free is an added bonus. It’s definitely got the paws up from Elsa! 

Hardwick Hall Country Park

Hardwick Park Visitor Centre, Sedgefield, County Durham, TS21 2DN



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