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Elsa’s best friend Piglet the Frenchie celebrated his first birthday this week with a paw-tay at Hounds!

Elsa and Piglet have formed a strong bond since they first met last September, so we were thrilled to be invited to his first birthday celebration…

Piglet looked as handsome as ever when we arrived!


Piglet’s ‘Mum’ thought of everything when planning this puppy party, it was amazing! Hounds was decorated with banners, balloons, photo boards and there were even mini party hats for the dogs!

Elsa loved the ‘decorate your own pupcake’ station where we could choose from a variety of toppings including cheese and biscuits.

The humans weren’t left out either – we had Malteaser ‘kibble’, nibbles, cake and Prosecco to enjoy.

The dogs also enjoyed playing in Piglet’s ball pen, searching for treats.

Elsa spent most of her time eating – and why not? There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than with food!

Piglet’s other friends Harry the Chug, the Happiland Hounds, Frasier & Niles and Freddie were there to help him celebrate his birthday too!

 Piglet was an absolute gentleman at his party, taking everything in his stride as always. We hope he enjoyed it as much as we did!

The dog birthday cake was decorated perfectly…it was almost a shame to cut it, it just looked too good!

The girls were first in line for cake!

After a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ for Piglet the room fell silent while the dogs tucked into their cake!

The paw-tay was a great place to let the dogs socialise, but it was also an opportunity to spend time with the lovely friends that we’ve made through events just like this one.

The dogs didn’t go home empty pawed either! They all received their own ‘goody bag’ filled with toys and treats – the prefect finishing touch to an awesome paw-tay!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Piglet’s family for putting together such an amazing event – you really have set the bar very high! We’re so grateful to have like-minded friends who go to such efforts for the dogs that we all love and care about so much. Hounds was the perfect venue too, they really made every effort to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Elsa and I had a paw-some time, thank you!

Happy 1st Birthday Piglet!

Lots of Licks from Elsa x

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