The Red Kite at Winlaton Mill | Blaydon-on-Tyne

This dog friendly pub sits on the edge of the Derwent Walk Country Park path. It was recommended to us by our family that live in the area. Although they don’t have a dog, they thought it would be the perfect place to meet for lunch with Elsa and they were spot on!

The Red Kite at Winlaton Mill is a shining example of a perfect dog friendly pub.

There were signs at both entrances clearly and politely outlining the conditions under which dogs (and their well-behaved owners) were allowed to enter.

We really appreciate establishments going to the effort of making it clear that they are dog friendly – it saves us from hovering in doorways, trying to catch the attention of the staff! We always do our best to make sure that Elsa is as settled, calm, as quiet as possible and we observe any additional conditions. The Red Kite has four general rules (pictured below) which are more than reasonable.

We love the little details like the towels at the door for wet paws and free dog treats and water from the bar. These are very practical touches that really help you feel at home.

Food & Drink | Along with a wide variety of drinks at the bar, The Red Kite also has several menus offering everything from hearty main meals to lite bites and desserts. The food is home-made using fresh, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Before we arrived, Elsa had been running around on Roker Beach so she was quite tired. Apart from one little excited bark at a family nearby she was very quiet, despite the fact that there were lots of other dogs inside.

 After we’d finished eating we headed outside to enjoy our drinks in the sunshine. Behind the pub there is a car park and a large garden area that leads into the Derwent Walk Country Park. We didn’t have time to explore the park on this visit but there were plenty of walkers emerging with their dogs to stop for a drink at the pub.

Interestingly, 94 red kites were re-introduced to the lower Derwent Valley between 2004 and 2007 and many people also visit this area to admire these rare birds of prey, hence the name of the pub! Find out more by clicking here.

We spent most of our visit catching up with relatives. The Red Kite was the perfect place to meet; everyone enjoyed the food, drink and atmosphere, including Elsa!

The Angel of the North | Ten minutes drive from The Red Kite

This landmark is easy to get to by car and there is a large car park on site. There was also a very posh looking coffee/ snack van when we visited too.

Love it or hate it, the Angel of the North has become a symbol of the North East and we couldn’t resist the photo opportunity with Elsa! 

The Red Kite

Red Kite: Spa Well Rd, Winlaton Mill, Blaydon-on-Tyne NE21 6RU

The Angel of the North

Angel of the North: Durham Rd, Low Eighton, Gateshead NE9 7TY


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