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On a recent visit to the North East we made a slight detour on our way home so that we could visit Wags & Whiskers Pet Boutique as well as their Canine Café which is located nearby [EDIT Jan 2019: The café can now be found in the boutique].

We follow Wags & Whiskers on Facebook but this was our first opportunity to pay them a visit. The fact that the Boutique and Café in Stockton-on-Tees are so close together was very appealing as it meant that we could stop in a new town safe in the knowledge that we’d be able to sit down and get a drink and some food with Elsa without worrying about trying to find somewhere dog friendly on the spot.

On arrival we saw the ‘Dogs Welcome’ sticker on the door and instantly recognised the logo from Dugs n’ Pubs; a website that lists dog friendly places across the UK and one of the databases that we use when we are searching for new places to visit. Dugs n’ Pubs was inspired by another travelling Lhasa Apso called Bailie and this was the first time we’d actually seen one of their stickers in real life so it was cause for much excitement!

The Boutique is a ‘one stop shop’ where you can buy everything that you would need for your pooch from food to toys, treats, bedding and accessories.

We were pleased to see many of our favourite brands including: CanaganLily’s KitchenBilly & MargotGreen & Wilds, Pooch and Mutt and BeCo.

There were a couple of new products in particular that caught our eye:

Dog Soap is starting to creep onto the shelves of many pet shops… it’s a very handy product to have at home. We use it to wash Elsa’s paws off after muddy walks and have found that it keeps her pads and the fur on her legs in very good condition.

This was the first time that we’d seen MeatLove being sold in a pet shop too… Elsa was very interested in these unusual looking packages! This is a new type of dog food made from fresh, raw materials without preservatives, flavours, colours or synthetic additives.

Wags & Whiskers are clearly keeping up to date with all the latest trends including the very popular Pawsecco; although this (non alcoholic) pet ‘wine’ hasn’t been on the market long it’s already in high demand…

There is a small section at the back of the store selling a range of products for cats too!

Pick and Mix tables are a great idea if you just want the odd treat without having to buy a whole pack. Elsa is quite partial to a black pudding stick and the occasional cow/ pig ear!

Of course we couldn’t leave without a few treats for Elsa…

We spent about half an hour in the shop altogether, having a good look around and chatting with the knowledgeable shop attendant who was very helpful and attentive.

It was great to visit an independent shop that stocks such a wide variety of products.

What we bought:

  • Green & Wild’s Plaice Fillets – a great alternative to rawhide chews
  • Alpha Spirit Fish Sticks – these individually wrapped sticks break apart easily and are perfect to use as a training reward/ treat

Fish based treats have always gone down very well with Elsa and they have never caused her to have an upset stomach so we’re pleased to see so many companies expanding their food and treat ranges to include more fish!

Shopping bag in hand, we headed to Wags & Whiskers Canine Café which is a short walk away on Finkle Street, between Yorkshire Bank and Barclays on the High Street. It was easy to find, and there was an opportunity for Elsa to have a toilet break on the way too.

Elsa was fascinated by the pigeons and fountains that sit half way between the Boutique and Café, so what should have been a two minute walk took us at least ten!

Click here to read our full blog post about Wags & Whiskers Canine Café, Stockton-on-Tees, including a Q&A session with the owner!

Wags & Whiskers Pet Boutique

26 Dovecot St, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1LN, UK


Wags & Whiskers also have a second Pet Boutique based in Saltburn by the Sea, North Yorkshire. We’ll try and fit this one in on our next visit to the North East.


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