Barking Madchester Charity Dog Walk

Hounds hosted a charity dog walk alongside the Newcastle-under-Lyme We Stand Together Festival, with all proceeds from the event going to the families affected by recent events in Manchester, and Elsa was there with her Muttley Crew to show her support!

What a difference a year makes. Last summer we headed into Newcastle-under-Lyme to take part in a fun dog walk organised by Hounds. At the time, the hot topic that was trending on social media around the globe was something that brought people together in a very different way. The streets were littered with Weedles and Pidgeys; we were united in the hunt for Pokémon!

Today’s charity dog walk was held for a very different reason; the people and dogs of Newcastle-under-Lyme swarmed the streets with their dogs to show their support to the families of the victims of the senseless events that recently occurred in Manchester. The dog walk was hosted by Hounds, and the dogs were even given their own bee themed bandanas which were worn proudly to show solidarity with those affected by the tragedy.

When we arrived at Hounds there was quite a large crowd of people gathered there with dogs of all shapes and sizes. The event had an amazing turnout, despite the awfully wet weather!

There were lots of new faces, as well as Elsa’s usual Muttley Crew including Freddie, Piglet the Frenchie and Harry the Chug.


The dogs enjoyed meeting each other and waited patiently for the walk to begin.

Elsa’s friend Harry the Chug (Instagram @harry_the_chug) recently had an operation on his leg, but nothing could stop him showing his support for this event and he arrived in a carriage that was cleverly decorated to look like a giant bee!

Harry wasn’t too impressed with his circumstances…hopefully he’ll be back on all four paws very soon!

As we set of on the walk around town the rain was relentless but we soldiered on.

There were several events running simultaneously in Newcastle-under-Lyme as part of the We stand Together Festival including live music and a funfair.

Piglet gets Papped!

We went through town on a circular route, arriving back outside of Hounds around half an hour later.

The dogs attracted a lot of attention from people who were out and about in town and many people stopped to watch us walk by, amused by the spectacle.

Over 70 dogs took part in the walk and approximately £200 was raised!

Thank you to Hounds, Newcastle-under-Lyme BID and everyone involved with organising the N-U-L We Stand Together Festival for making this event possible!


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