Doggy Day Out Essentials

Summertime in Britain means that there are lots of outdoor, dog friendly events to attend; from country fairs and county shows to fun dog competitions and charity walks – there is something happening every single weekend across the country!

We used to take all sorts of things with us on a day out with Elsa including: a water bowl, blanket, toys, chews, various types of food and a towel in case she got wet and needed drying off… We even had to buy a special bag to carry everything! Over time we have narrowed this long list of items down to the following ‘essentials’…

A Stylish Collar and Lead

These are the most basic of accessories but why have a boring, plain collar and lead when we have so many beautiful patterns and colours to choose from? One of our favourite British brands is Ditsy Pet. They can usually be found at larger country fairs or dog shows and also sell their products online and via retailers like Hounds. We love the Bohemia set pictured below, a perfect pattern for summer.


You can’t rely on fresh, clean water being available wherever you go so we always take a full water bottle with us for Elsa. She is very fussy about drinking from other dog bowls when we are out! This bottle has a roller ball style spout so it’s a lot easier to dispense than filling up a bowl which would then need to be emptied and carried around in addition to the bottle.

Poop Bags

Dog owners in the UK can face hefty fines for failing to pick up after their dogs, so poop bags are an absolute essential for any outdoor excursion with your dog. We love this BeCo Pocket poop bag holder too, it makes carrying the bags very convenient and the BeCo bags themselves are some of the strongest and largest ones available on the market.

Treats and Snacks

Humans aren’t the only ones who can get hangry! Elsa can be very grouchy when she gets too hungry, so if we are going to be out all day we make sure to take something with us that she can eat. Lily’s Kitchen Snack Bars are nutritionally complete, so they can be used as a meal alternative. Every day is a training day so we also take some of Elsa’s favourite treats out with us. She’ll do almost anything for Lily’s Kitchen Crispy Pork Bites. The tin of Little Cod Treats is also handy for when we enter her into fun dog shows; we use them to hold her attention and get her to walk around the show ring. They are the perfect size to give her as a reward.


The British weather is always unpredictable. One moment it can be chucking it down with rain, the next blazing hot in the sun… Either way we have found that keeping Elsa dry and cool is essential. We always take her rain coat out with us and we have recently bought a cooling coat that is activated by water.


Wet wipes are very handy… particularly if you have a long-haired dog that has an upset tummy while you are a long way from home! (We’ll let you use your imagination for that one…) They are also great for cleaning off muddy paws. Hownd’s ‘Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes‘ are our favourites because they are large, strong and smell amazing!

Paw Protector

This balm creates a wax barrier that helps to protect paws against the elements. The Natural Dog Company also sells their ‘Pawtector’ in handy miniature sizes, perfect for your pocket or bag. It’s important to remember that dog’s paws can be easily damaged by walking on scorching hot pavements. Always test the ground with the back of your hand to makes sure that it’s not too hot in the sun. (If it burns your hand, it will burn their paws! Walk your dog on cooler surfaces like grass whenever possible in hot weather.)

Travel Brush

This isn’t going to be on every dog owners list, but we like to keep Elsa looking picture perfect so this little travel brush is definitely one of our essentials!

PitPat Activity Monitor

We love our PitPat! Ever since we started keeping track of Elsa’s activity we have become obsessed with seeing that she gets enough exercise every day. It’s also very useful for making sure that we don’t over-exert her when we have a long day out.

Don’t Forget Your Tickets!

Make sure to print and take any tickets with you that you may need.

Last But Not Least – Don’t Forget The Dog!

Elsa is always ready for anything, so we like to make sure that she has everything that she needs to have a good day out!

What’s in your Doggy Day Bag? Tell us what essential items you take out with you for your dogs in the comments below! 


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