A Lhasa Apso with a huge personality and lots of fur!

The Lhasa Apso dog breed originated in Tibet where they acted as sentinel watchdogs and alerted the Buddhist monks to any intruders entering the monasteries. Over time this breed also developed to become loyal and affectionate pets and this has helped to spread their popularity across the globe. We chose this breed because we thought that the Lhasa's independent nature, size and needs would suit our lifestyle very well. They are also said to bring luck to their owners!

The Story Behind Her Name

Elsa was born in 2014, around the same time a certain Disney movie’s popularity reached it's peak… most people think that we named her after the character in Frozen but the truth is that her namesake is the heroine of another, true story dating back to the 1950’s.

When we were researching dog breeds, we learnt that Lhasa's are referred to as 'Apso Seng Kye' which can be translated as "Bark Sentinel Lion Dog". As a child, I was given a copy of the book Born Free; the story of Elsa the lioness, who is adopted and raised by Joy and George Adamson. I found the story to be quite endearing and it’s always been one of my favourite books. As soon as a connection to lions was made I knew that ‘Elsa’ was going to be the perfect name.

Of course, if you look at the true origin of the name ‘Elsa’ it’s simply a short form of ‘Elizabeth’.

However it came about, we couldn’t imagine her with any other name.

'Elsa the Lhasa' just fits!

Our Elsa

Elsa may look genteel, but under those luscious locks she is a real tomboy at heart. She has a young spirit and loves to explore and get involved with everything going on around her.

She loves treats, drinking directly from the shower or garden hose and sitting on the windowsill, watching the world go by. Elsa loves people, but not as much as she loves other dogs. She is very stubborn and knows her own mind, but she is also playful and incredibly affectionate. 

Elsa has completely changed our lives by introducing us to new people and places that we would never have experienced without her and she is the reason that Paws across Britain exists!


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