K9 Anytime | Shifnal | Shropshire

K9 Anytime | Shifnal | Shropshire

K9 Anytime is a Doggy Daycare centre & Luxury Dog Hotel based in Shifnal, Shropshire.

They invited Elsa to explore their brand new premises which includes a 6000sq foot grassy paddock, an indoor daycare room and the largest, most comfortable looking 'hotel' rooms that we have seen available for dogs!

Outdoor Paddock

On arrival we were greeted by Tom and Luke who showed us into the secure, enclosed paddock where we let Elsa off her lead so that she could have a proper look around. She made herself right at home straight away! Her favourite feature was the sand pit. 



Indoor Daycare Room

When it's too wet outside, or the dogs need some quiet time to rest during the day, there is also a large, open-plan daycare room indoors. Before dogs attend daycare they are invited to a free induction session to assess their needs and compatibility with other dogs.


Private Rooms

There are four luxury rooms available. The staff are on site 24hrs a day and will follow your dog's daily feeding, grooming, exercise and play routine as closely as possible. All the rooms have CCTV, soft beds, blankets, a sofa and calming music is played to ensure that your dog has an enjoyable stay. 


Our Thoughts

One of the reasons that my husband and I started to search for dog friendly places in Britain is because the thought of leaving Elsa in a kennel while we travel abroad does not appeal to either of us, at all! We worry about Elsa's wellbeing; will she be groomed properly? Will she be fed anything that might upset her stomach? Will she be let off her lead on a walk in an unfamiliar area? I'm not ashamed to admit that we are anxious 'pet parents'!

We've visited a few boarding/ kennel type places so far and none have come close to the facilities and services offered by K9 Anytime. We were genuinely very impressed! Dogs that stay in the luxury hotel can expect to have regular one-on-one interactions with the staff throughout the day, with a structured routine. They are only fed the food that you provide and all exercise takes place in the secured paddock. 

Dogs that attend daycare are invited to a free induction session to ensure that they are matched up with compatible canines and all the dogs are under constant supervision during the day. 

We left K9 Anytime feeling very confident that Elsa would be well looked after there! 

K9 Anytime

Cotsbrook Farm Buildings Shifnal, Higford, Shifnal TF11 9ES



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