Lilleshall Abbey | Newport | Shropshire

Britain is steeped in history and there are hundreds of English Heritage sites across the UK that are dog friendly, most of which are free to visit, making them perfect places to go for a walk!

Lilleshall Abbey was founded in about 1148 and spent approximately 390 years as a prestigious religious establishment before being turned into a private residence in the 1500's. Sadly, the building was severely damage in the Civil War, but much of the sandstone structure still remains. [Source: English Heritage,]

Sites like this are ideal places for dogs to explore. The atmosphere was peaceful and calming so we had a leisurely stroll around the ruins while Elsa sniffed every inch of the grounds.

It took about half an hour for us to walk around the site but we could have easily spent longer there. Unfortunately it was very windy and it looked like a thunderstorm was approaching so we decided to head for cover.

If you are looking for somewhere different to go for a walk we would definitely suggest having a look at the English Heritage website for inspiration!

Lilleshall Abbey

Abbey Road, Lilleshall, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 9HW


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