Paws and Rewind – May 2017

Paws and Rewind – May 2017

Paws and Rewind is a look back at the places, products, activities and events that we have been enjoying with Elsa over the past month.

May has been a marvellous month!  We started with a bit of FUN by celebrating Star Wars Day on May the 4th with Elsa the Ewok!

We found out that May was tick awareness month and decided to show our support to the Big Tick Project by sharing the story of what happened when we found a tick on Elsa.

We took some time off to enjoy the lovely Spring weather and visited The Dorothy Clive Garden – a real hidden gem and a lovely place to take your dog for a walk. There were lots of photo opportunities there too and we particularly enjoyed the bluebells!

We were quite peckish after walking around the garden so we headed to a nearby pub that has recently been refurbished and re-opened as The Blockhouse at The Sheet Anchor. They specialise in barbecue/ smokehouse style food including burgers, ribs, steaks and seafood. Our favourite thing on the menu was the fried macaroni cheese – YUMMY! This is definitely somewhere we’ll be visiting again soon…

We took Elsa to The Brampton Park in Newcastle-under-Lyme to meet up with her best friend Piglet the Frenchie! It was lovely to watch them run around and play, they really have so much fun together! We also enjoyed seeing the Wisteria in full bloom at The Brampton – absolutely gorgeous!

A day out in Chester – we spent a day exploring this historic city and found lots of new dog friendly shops and eateries to add to our list… keep your eye out for our ‘Paws across Chester’ post – coming soon! 

The Flower Cup is our new favourite place in Chester! This delightful combination of florist and coffee shop welcomes dogs with open arms. We had a lovely, relaxing breakfast there while Elsa was fussed by the staff. A perfect place to unwind.

Paws & Co Staffordshire Ltd celebrated their first birthday in May and Elsa was there to enjoy the party! Piglet arrived shortly after and the dogs shared some special pupcakes, baked by Piglet’s mum. The girls at Paws & Co always look after their human guests too and there were plenty of drinks, cakes and nibbles on offer! It’s always lovely to see the dogs having fun here as it helps to make visiting the grooming salon a less stressful experience overall.

We returned to one of our favourite beaches this month; Formby in Merseyside, to attend a Lhasa Apso meet! There were dozens of Lhasa’s there when we arrived in all shapes and sizes, both young and old, long haired and clipped. It was amazing to see them all enjoying the sun, sea and sand on this stunning beach.

The tide was out so we walked Elsa out to the water’s edge and let her have some fun running around in the water. She definitely made the most of being on the beach and has the best time splashing around in the water! She got a bit carried away and ran into a little bit of trouble when she waded into some very thick, muddy sand (possibly quicksand?!) and got stuck… Fortunately I pulled her out and we rinsed her off in the clean water before we headed back to join the others.

Elsa’s profile page has been added to the blog to explain the story behind her name! And no, we didn’t name her after the character from Frozen…

Piglet also celebrated his first birthday this month with a paw-tay at our favourite dog shop Hounds! We had so much fun meeting a few new dogs and spending some time with good friends. [Instagram @frenchbullblog]

As the days continue to get longer and warmer we have been keeping Elsa cool with a makeshift pool in the garden, and a new cooling coat that we picked up at Crufts.

Fish Food! Elsa has always loved Sea Jerky so we have been giving her some new treats from Fish4Dogs including calamari rings, squid bites, fishy nibbles and also let her try the new ‘Finest Sardine Complete’ everyday food. Elsa loves the taste of fish and the more we learn about this company and the benefits of feeding dogs fish, the more we love them!

We recently decided to try walking Elsa with a harness and treated her to this beautiful set by Ditsy Pet. (I just couldn’t resist getting the matching collar and lead too!) This British brand is definitely one of our favourites for accessories. They have an amazing selection of products and regularly update their range of patterns too. Elsa seems to be a funny ‘in-between’ shape so we had to get the large sized harness for her but it’s fully adjustable and fits her very comfortably.

The main reason that we’ve avoided a harness for so long was because we were worried that it would cause fur matting around her legs. It probably would have when she was younger and had more of a puppy coat texture, but now that we have an established, daily grooming routine and she has her full, adult coat we don’t seem to be having any problems with her fur. So far, so good!

The pattern is gorgeous and it’s nice to be able to see it (collars get buried under all her fur so we rarely get to enjoy their pretty patterns while she is wearing them). We can also see and access the PitPat activity monitor easily now too, it fits the top bar of the harness perfectly!

As far as treats go, Elsa LOVES these Anco Naturals Deer Hide Rolls – they last ages too which is an added bonus! (Available from Hounds)

Next month – June looks like it will be a very busy month! There are lots of dog related events going on all over the country every weekend so we’re going to try and get to a few of these. We will definitely be at Dog Fest North so keep an eye out for Elsa in the top dog ring! Elsa has another birthday paw-tay to attend, along with a charity dog walk. We’ll also be telling you all about our visit to a brand new Doggie Day Care and Luxury Dog Hotel called K9 Anytime based in Shropshire, opening at the beginning of June! 


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