Rudyard Lake | Staffordshire

This reservoir was built in 1797, it's over 2.5 miles long and has a rich and interesting history. It's also very popular with dog walkers! 

Rudyard Lake is somewhere that we've been visiting for years...before we had Elsa we used to watch other walkers enjoying the surroundings with their dogs and feel very jealous indeed!

Our latest visit was on a very warm morning in June. We would have struggled to walk Elsa in the open because of the heat, but the east shore of Rudyard Lake is lined with trees and there is a lovely, cool shaded path.

Although it is possible to walk around the entire lake, the 5 mile round trip would probably take us hours... Elsa is more of an explorer/ sniffer than a long distance walker!

We parked near The Activity Centre and walked to the end of the train tracks and back again. This took us approximately one hour.

The scenery around the lake is really stunning and the atmosphere was very peaceful.

Rudyard Lake is where John Lockwood Kipling and Alice MacDonald courted in 1863. They admired the beauty of this lake so much that when their first son was born they named him 'Rudyard Kipling'! He grew up to become a Nobel Prize winning author and poet and his work continues to influence and delight to this day, The Jungle Book is one of my personal favourites! 

Rudyard Lake

Rudyard Reservoir, Off Lake Road, Rudyard, Leek ST13 8XB


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