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When Elsa was younger we tried various grooming products that we found in pet shops, from shampoos to detangling sprays... Most didn't give us the results that we wanted on her coat, some even made her fur harder to groom by leaving it limp and dry. As her fur grew longer we knew that we'd need to find something that suited her coat type so we started looking at professional grooming products...that's when we came across the Pet Silk range and we haven't looked back since! 

The main products that we use:

  • Brazilian Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Brazilian Keratin Oil
  • Brazilian Keratin Leave-in Conditioner (spray)
  • Tear Stain Remover
  • Top Knot Gel


Although we try our best to keep Elsa clean and dry most of the time, 'bath day' is Elsa's opportunity to be a dirrrrty dog! We always try and schedule in a trip to the beach or a walk in a particularly muddy area so that she can make the most of it. 

The tear stain remover needs to be left on for a little while before being washed off. It's easy to apply and we use an eyebrow comb to brush it on gently.

We also brush Elsa's whole body through thoroughly before bathing her to make sure that there are no matted areas or knots that might get worse when we shampoo her coat.

Bath time

Both the shampoo and conditioner can be diluted in a mixing bottle so a little goes a long way...

It takes about 15 minutes to wash her. Elsa is very fidgety in the bath and we usually end up completely drenched too!  


When she's wet Elsa loves to run around and wriggle across the floor, so once she's had her fun we start drying her off. This part takes a while...anything between 30-45 minutes. We apply both the Keratin oil and leave in conditioner and the products help the fur to dry without getting tangled. 

Once she's fully dry we apply a tiny bit of gel to maintain her parting, or use this to keep her top knot / plait in place so that the fur stays out of her eyes. 

The best thing about these Pet Silk products, particularly the Brazilian Keratin range, is that they smell AMAZING. 

Although they are more expensive than the usual shampoos and sprays that are found in pet shops, they are incredibly good value for money because they leave Elsa's coat in such good condition that it actually makes daily grooming a lot easier. 

If Elsa gets particularly wet on a rainy day, a quick spritz of the leave in conditioner quickly removes any doggy odours and restores the beautiful soft texture to her coat too, so it's great to use in-between full grooming sessions. 

We'd definitely recommend all of these products if you are looking for a professional finish!


Please note that the opinions in this post are our own and we have not been paid to endorse these products - we just really love them!

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