Quarry Park | Shrewsbury | Shropshire

Our first visit to Quarry Park was in June 2016 and we immediately fell in love with the scenery and relaxed atmosphere. It's filled with interesting features including 'The Dingle': a beautiful, enclosed landscaped garden that is bursting with colour, hidden in the centre of the park. 

There are 29 acres of parkland altogether, which means that there is plenty of space to find the perfect spot for a picnic. Most of the open, grassy areas slope downwards towards the river Severn. A wide path then follows the river that loops round the town itself. 

Harley's Stone

This historical landmark is hard to miss, Elsa always likes to give it a good sniff! In the past it was used as a central marker for livestock which were tethered to the stone and allowed to graze in the circular area around the stone. 

The Dingle

Hidden behind walls and shrubbery, in the centre if Quarry Park, you will find 'The Dingle'! We almost missed it the first time we visited but curiosity took us through a set of gates and we were amazed to find this unexpected floral extravaganza!

Elsa always seems to be very happy when we visit Quarry Park and The Dingle, or walk along the river in Shrewsbury. We have met some lovely people here, and their gorgeous dogs too! It's an excellent place to relax and watch the world go by, and the ice cream van serves the yummiest 99s too! 

Quarry Park & The Dingle

Shrewsbury SY1 1JA (Signposted in town)



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