The Market Kitchen Cafe | Leek | Staffordshire

We love to support local businesses, particularly when they are dog friendly, and this delightful cafe is one of our favourite places to go when we are in Leek with Elsa!

Along with a selection of tea and coffee, they also serve delicious homemade cakes, sandwiches and cream teas throughout the day.

Leek is an incredibly dog friendly town!

It’s also home to Dougal’s Den, a wonderful shop that sells a huge selection of products for dogs.

Thanks to them, many of the local businesses have stickers on their doors so that you can see exactly where dogs are allowed (inside, outside or both). This makes a huge difference when you are unsure of whether or not your dog will be welcome somewhere. It saves you hovering in doorways and the hassle of being turned away and having to find somewhere else to go… particularly when it’s raining!

Dougal’s Den is just a stone’s throw away from The Market Kitchen Cafe and we often nip in to get a treat for Elsa before we sit down for a coffee or some lunch ourselves.

The staff at The Market Kitchen Cafe are always friendly, the service is quick and the portions are generous. We love that they source their ingredients locally too!

The Market Kitchen Cafe

1 Stanley Street, Leek, Staffordshire ST13 5HG


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