The Pet Show 2017 | Staffordshire County Showground

The Pet Show 2017 took place at the Staffordshire County Showground on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August. With such a big event right on our doorstep we simply had to go!

Dogs were welcome to attend the show and there were several activities that you could enjoy with them including agility and a fun dog show. Unfortunately the weather put us off participating in anything that was based outdoors! Thankfully, the majority of the show was inside the main hall.

The show was divided into seven areas: The Kennels, The Cattery, The Hutch & Run, The Aviary, The Vivarium, The Aquarium and Animal Discovery. Within each section there were shops, charity stalls and places where you could interact with various animals including alpacas, donkeys, snakes, tarantulas, cats, dogs, hamsters and horses. 

Elsa and I both enjoyed The Aviary. I couldn't resist the opportunity to hold a chick, it was just three days old and too cute for words!

Elsa's excitement levels heightened as she got closer to the chickens, but we managed to coax her away before they could peck at her through the bars...

After a quick wander around the hall to let Elsa take in all the sights, sounds and smells, we headed to the trade stands to find out more about the dog-related services and do a bit of shopping... 

Precious Pets Micro ID

Precious Pets is based in Staffordshire and they offer a mobile micro-chipping service to pet owners. We stopped by this stand to introduce ourselves and take some photographs for an article that we'll be putting together in collaboration with Precious Pets to highlight the importance of micro-chipping. Keep an eye out for this blog post, coming soon!

Smokey Paws

This not-for-profit business relies on donations to enable them to distribute specially designed pet oxygen masks to fire services across Britain. Each kit costs £90 and comes with three different sized masks to suit cats, dogs and smaller animals. They can be absolutely vital in saving a pet's life if they are caught in a fire. 

Tail Mail from Ginger&Browns

We love Ginger&Browns so we stopped by their stand to say hello and learn a bit more about their 'Tail Mail' dog subscription boxes. They have several different themes to choose from including a 'Destroyer' box and a 'Chews & Treats' box, all of which are filled with high quality items, mostly from independent UK-based producers. 

For All Dogkind

We've been following this company on social media for a while so we were very pleased to see them at The Pet Show! Their products are free from chemicals and contain 100% pure essential oils so they smell absolutely gorgeous! We picked up some 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo along with the Daily Freshener Spray for Elsa. 

My Family

This Italian-based company offer a HUGE range of pet ID tags. Their designs include flags, quirky charms, sparkly, reflective and basic tags in various shapes and sizes. The 'Friends' range caught our eye because there is a Lhasa Apso design with similar colourings to Elsa - we just had to buy it! 

Canal Cruising offer pet-friendly boating holidays across the Midlands/ North West. 

Boats can be hired for a single day or longer periods of time for more adventurous sailors... Elsa has been on a couple of short river cruises with us and she seems to enjoy being on the water so a canal cruise is definitely on our list of things to do!

Fetch Sketch - Pet Caricatures

We're always amazed at how quickly Charley can create an amazing likeness of the dogs that she sketches, completely capturing their personalities!

She has drawn Elsa a couple of times for us and we really love her style. 

Cushy Paws

If you are ever looking for something really unique then we would highly recommend Cushy Paws!

They create pet portraits on cushions by using a patchwork applique technique, and also sell a range of other accessories for your pets and home. Click here to see Elsa's Cushy Paws portrait cushion! 

The show was busy but not over-crowded so we were able to spend time chatting to people as we walked around. It was lovely to see so many other dogs there, including PaB Pack member Harry!

Elsa got lots of attention and seemed to enjoy herself too, although she did her best to drag us back towards the chickens at every opportunity... Eventually we gave in and let her have one last look at them before we went home...

The Pet Show was launched in 2013 and attracts approximately 17,000 visitors each year.

It has been held in different locations in the past but we hope that the event will return to Staffordshire County Showground in the future as it's a great place for both local and national businesses and charities to showcase their products and services to pet lovers.

Did you visit The Pet Show this year? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below! 


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