The Pour House | Shrewsbury | Shropshire

During the day The Pour House is a coffee house that also serves mind-blowing milkshakes. By night it shifts effortlessly into a cocktail and craft beer bar... but the best part is that they are always dog friendly! 

We found The Pour House on Facebook (also listed on Dugs n' Pubs) and decided to check it out after seeing the positive reviews and the pictures of the milkshakes!

It's really big inside and there are plenty of seating areas to choose from including comfy sofa chairs, raised bar stools and benches for bigger groups. We settled at a small table in the middle but in hindsight we should have sat by the window...Elsa loves people-watching and the window at the front is raised above the street so you get a good view of Welsh Bridge. 

There were a couple of other dogs there too, one at the bar and another sat nearby. Elsa was immediately given a water bowl and offered treats which we gladly accepted. They aren't the type we would normally give her but since we were indulging ourselves we thought it would be mean not to let her have them! 

I had the Oreo Overload 'Killer Shake' and it was AMAZING. I have a very sweet-tooth and prefer my milkshakes to be nice and thick... this one definitely hit the spot. 

Other flavours include Nutella Dream, Salted Caramel Pretzel, Jammy Dodger and if you are up for a challenge you can also get 'The Pour House Ultimate Shake' - although you may need help finishing it! 

Elsa spent most of the time we were there pestering us for the treats and then moaning when they were all gone. She even resorted to trying to eat a chocolate star that she found under a chair - luckily we managed to pry that one out of her mouth before she could swallow it! She may look like an angel but she can definitely be very moody and stubborn when she wants her own way... 

Despite Elsa's best attempts to sabotage our visit, we really enjoyed our milkshakes and the quirkiness of The Pour House. We look forward to returning when she is in a better mood... hopefully we'll sample some of the cocktails next time too! 

The Pour House

128 Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8LG

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