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When everything that you do revolves around your dog there is no better gift than another experience that you can enjoy with them, especially when you end up with a set of beautiful photographs at the end of it!

This box was given to me on my Birthday by my Dad, Step-Mum and Sister - Thank You!

As soon as I opened it I couldn't wait to get the photo shoot booked...

Inside the gift box I found instructions on how to contact Will (the Staffordshire Phodographer himself) to arrange a suitable date.

He suggested The Roaches, near Leek, as a location for the shoot. Although we had never visited this site before, we had seen how beautiful it was from the photographs in Staffordshire Phodography's online portfolio so we were keen to explore the area too. 

The view from The Roaches is absolutely breathtaking. It overlooks the Peak District in Staffordshire including Tittesworth Reservoir and on a clear day it's possible to see parts of Cheshire, Lancashire and even Snowden in Wales! Naturally, it's very popular with walkers, rock climbers and sheep...we saw lots of them while Will guided us around.

The clouds that were threatening rain as we arrived soon cleared away but the wind was absolutely relentless. Luckily, some areas were more sheltered than others and as the shoot began Elsa didn't look too bedraggled.

She was a very willing model and responded well to requests that she sit and stay in various positions while her photograph was taken, in exchange for lots of treats!

Although we take lots of photographs of Elsa ourselves, it was very interesting to see a professional photographer at work.

Will was very patient while we coaxed Elsa into position and I scrambled over rocks to get out of the shots! He was very happy to answer all our questions and offer advice about everything from camera equipment to local dog friendly places. 

Exploring The Roaches for the first time was an experience in itself, but to do it with Staffordshire Phodography made it even more exciting. We genuinely enjoyed every minute of it and are thrilled with the photographs that Will took of Elsa! 

We loved the natural, relaxed atmosphere of having an outdoor photo shoot. Will was very professional and took his time so we didn't feel like we were 'on the clock'. Elsa was in her element walking along the pathways, stopping for the occasional snack (thanks to the local sheep) and she particularly enjoyed the last set of photos that Will took where she got to run towards the camera with her fur flying!

It only took a couple of days for him to work his magic editing the images (to remove her lead etc.) and we were sent a link to all the pictures. 

Here are our favourite photographs from the shoot:

About Staffordshire Phodography

Will started taking photographs of dogs as a hobby but as the popularity of his work grew he was able to turn this pastime into a full-time business. His experience of working with dogs really shows as he knows exactly how to capture their attention and get the best angle in every photo. His talents have recently been formally recognised as he's won an award from The Kennel Club in the 2017 dog photographer of the year competition!

Click here to read our exclusive interview with photography tips from the man behind the lens:

Picture Perfect Paws with Staffordshire Phodography

Photo courtesy of Staffordshire Phodography

Staffordshire Phodography

The Roaches | Use ST13 8TY to guide you to the area

Parking bays can be found near to the Roaches Tea Rooms


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