The Dotty Dog Gallery | Shrewsbury | Shropshire

Shrewsbury has a labyrinth of little streets lined with many quirky, independent British shops. We are naturally drawn to anything related to dogs, so when we glanced down a side street and saw a stunning Dalmatian we just had to visit The Dotty Dog Gallery!

It was almost as if Luna was calling to us, inviting us in, as she stood there posing by the signboard! Elsa and I immediately changed direction, darting down the street with my husband in tow...

'Take a picture, QUICK!", I urged. Luckily he got this snap just before Luna disappeared back into the gallery. Elsa and I followed and we were greeted warmly by the owner.

Most of the Dalmatians we've met in the past have been absolutely bonkers but Luna is so gentle and calm, and her coat is silky soft - we were completely smitten with her!

Elsa quickly made herself right at home, sniffing around the shop and even venturing nosily into Luna's crate - so cheeky!

Luna seemed to be very interested in our curious, furry creature and returned Elsa's playful advances. It's always a joy to watch Elsa instantly bond with another dog like this! 

After a brief play session both dogs settled down and we spent some time browsing the gallery while chatting with the owner. He was keen to share his tips on where to find dog friendly places in Shrewsbury; we have it on good authority that Ferndell B&B and the Lion + Pheasant are likely to accommodate four legged guests! 

Although we only spent a short time in the gallery, we enjoyed our visit very much. They have some beautiful artwork and prints for sale (some of which are also dog-themed!). If you ask us, it's worth a visit just to meet the beautiful Luna... We'll certainly be stopping by to say hello whenever we visit Shrewsbury from now on!

The Dotty Dog Gallery

77A Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 1UT


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