Beeston Castle and Woodland Park | Cheshire

This dog friendly, medieval castle sits high on top of a sandstone crag overlooking the beautiful Cheshire countryside. 

Out of all the places that we take Elsa, she seems to enjoy herself the most when she is exploring a castle!

The site where Beeston Castle sits is steeped in history from as far back as the Bronze Age.

Prior to the castle being built, the site was used as an Iron Age hillfort. The castle was built in the 1220's and has housed Royals, served as a prison and it's also rumoured to be where Richard II hid treasure!

In the 1600's the castle was occupied by Parliamentarians in the Civil War before being breached by Royalists. In the 1840's the remaining structure was transformed into a tourist attraction by Lord Tollemache.

The castle is now in the care of English Heritage and although much of the building now lies in ruin, you can still appreciate its magnificence. 

[Source: English Heritage]

To get to the castle you have to walk through a woodland path and then up a very, very steep hill... Elsa decided that running up would be much more fun than walking!

It only took us around 15 minutes to get to the top and the trek is definitely worth it because the views are absolutely breathtaking. 

The site is absolutely huge and, along with the castle, there are woodland trails, caves and fields to explore so it's no surprise that it's a very popular place with dog owners and families alike. 

It's lovely to see Elsa enjoy herself when we go places like this and Beeston Castle is definitely somewhere that we will visit again!

Beeston Castle

Chapel Lane, Beeston, Cheshire CW6 9TX

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