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We are so pleased to see that another boutique dog shop has opened up on our doorstep!

Gus & Bear have moved into a recently renovated retail unit next door to Chapeau Cafe & Farm Shop. This is a popular spot for passing motorists and cyclists to rest and grab a drink or a bite to eat and we often drive past here with Elsa - now we have even more reason to stop! 

The shop is HUGE, with plenty of space for even large dogs to feel comfortable browsing!

Elsa hurried around, sniffing every inch of the place and then decided that it was time to go... she was eager for her evening walk and not interested in shopping one bit, and she let everyone know about it too! 

This is her grumpy face...

The great thing about independent shops like Gus & Bear is that you will usually be able to meet the owner in person, and there is something wonderful about this new breed of retailer... They seem to understand that the dogs' place in the household has shifted...they are treated more like a family member than a pet. As a result, dog owners also have higher expectations of the products that they buy for their dogs too.

Sara from Gus & Bear tells us the meaning behind their name, describes their core values and what to expect in the shop: 

"The Gus & Bear shop was formed from the passion and love we have for our dog Gus and his favourite toy Bear. Gus, along with our family dogs Charlie & Bella make up our doggy pack.

At Gus & Bear we know how important good nutrition is for the long-term health and well-being of your dog, therefore we only stock highly nutritious natural food and treats. Our food range includes, McAdams, Beco, Edgard Cooper, Eden, Forthglade and Lily’s Kitchen.

We also have a large range of luxury products from beautiful beds, blankets and accessories to grooming products and toys; everything you could want for your four-legged friend!"

Exclusive Products

The Barkley & Fetch leads, collars and accessories have been exclusively designed for Gus & Bear. All the items are lovingly hand-made in Great Britain and each fabric follows through the whole range, including, collar, lead, bow tie and bandana. They also feature prints from Liberty London.

What we bought:

  • Treats from Billy & Margot: Apple, Banana & Carrot Biscuits and Fish Skin Cubes.
  • The Innocent Hound: sliced venison sausage.
  • Earthbath: Grooming Wipes

We were really pleased to see lots of our favourite brands in the store, alongside many that we hadn't seen before.

Gus & Bear may have only just opened but they have big plans for the future...

"We are so excited to announce that we'll be opening an in-store grooming spa at Gus & Bear! The grooming-spa will offer a full range of everyday grooming services and also spa treatments for those times when your dog needs a little extra pampering. All the products we'll use will contain 100% pure essential oils, holistic plants and botanicals and include ranges from WildWash and Earthbath. We aim to open the new grooming-spa in December 2017." - Sara, Gus & Bear

It's great to see that they are open all weekend as we often go for a drive or take Elsa into Cheshire for nice Sunday walks. 

There is a small car park at the front and we've never struggled to find a space. We also have it on good authority that the farm shop part of Chapeau does allow dogs inside, but we'd advise that you double check with the owners first before going in, just to make sure!

Many thanks to Sara for taking the time to give Paws across Britain a bit more information to share.

Update | December 2017 - The Grooming Spa is open for business!

The spa looks AMAZING! We met the resident groomer and her handsome poodle called Alan on the opening day. Judging by his immaculate appearance, she is very, very good! A full list of grooming and spa treatments can now be found on Gus & Bear's website - click here for more information.

Gus & Bear

Retail Shop | Grooming Spa

Church Farm, Congelton Road, Marton, Macclesfield SK119HF

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