Halloween 2017

This has always been my favourite time of year; from carving pumpkins to dressing up in colourful costumes, trick-or-treating, drinking pumpkin spice lattes and watching movies like Hocus Pocus - I just love everything about Halloween! 

Here's what Elsa and I got up to this year...

Pumpkin Picking at Brookfields Farm Shop

We love to support local businesses and this little farm shop is a great place to find fresh British produce. At Halloween they also have an awesome 'pick your own pumpkin' field! 

The staff were very helpful and allowed us to take Elsa into the field (on a lead of course) so that we could take a few pictures while we searched for our ideal Halloween pumpkin. 

Hounds Spooky Photoshoot & Halloween Party

We've been so busy recently (with Elsa's birthday party and our trip to Wales) that we didn't have time to put a new costume theme together this year, so we reused our outfits from the Paws Spooktacular Charity Walk that we did for St Ann's Hospice in 2015. 

We headed down to Hounds with our outfits and makeup on for a 'Spooky Photoshoot' with the very talented photographer and fellow blogger, Bethan Shuff

Hounds also hosted a Harry Potter themed Halloween party where we met up with 'Pumpkin Piglet' the Frenchie and 'Harry Potter' the Chug, along with lots of new furry faces, including resident dachshund Loki, for an hour of frighteningly good fun! 

Rebel Rooms

Although it's only been open a few weeks, Rebel Rooms has established itself as the go-to place for delicious grilled cheese sandwiches in Staffordshire. They also serve pancakes, waffles, milkshakes, cocktails and craft beer. Most importantly: Rebel Rooms is dog friendly, which makes it a great place to spend time with both friends and dogs! 

Since we were all dressed up, Elsa and I entered into the #passthepumpkin competition with this photo too. 

Trentham Gardens Pumpkin Trail

The Gardens are so pretty in Autumn so we headed down for a walk with Elsa, unaware of the spooky surprises in store...

Elsa was intrigued by all the pumpkins so we ended up following part of the trail on our regular weekend walk!

Every year there seem to be more and more Halloween-themed activities to enjoy in Britain! 

It's great to see so many people on social media taking their dogs out to pick pumpkins, dressing them up for charity events or even just walking their dogs while out trick-or-treating as a family. If you've attended a spooktacular dog friendly Halloween event this year please tell us about it in the comments below!

Next Year - We hope to attend something similar to the charity walk that we did in 2015, or the Brewdog Halloween Parade in Liverpool. We've already got an idea in mind for our costumes too.. 

Whatever you are up to with your dogs tonight,

have a safe and happy Halloween! 

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? We'd love to hear your thoughts:

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