Book Review | Doug The Pug – A Working Dog’s Tale by Cate Archer

We are huge fans of Doug The Pug Therapy Dog* so we thought that 'A Working Dog's Tale' was the perfect choice for our very first book review! 

*not to be confused with his American namesake; although both are social media elite in their own right, the British Doug The Pug Therapy Dog earns his keep in a very different way - he is a dog with a job! 

We met Doug and his owner Cate Archer at Crufts in 2017 and they kindly autographed the copy of A Working Dog's Tale that we bought.

All of the Royalties from the sale of the book go directly to Pets as Therapy so it's a great way to contribute to this organisation that does so much good for people. 

A Working Dog's Tale describes Doug's life as a Therapy Dog:

Although it is presented as a children's book, I found it very enjoyable to read! First, you are introduced to Pets as Therapy as an organisation and then the book takes you on a colourful and engaging journey through Doug's life as a working therapy dog. 

Most dog owners understand that dogs play a very important role in our lives and this bond is central to A Working Dog's Tale.

We've been lucky enough to meet Doug a couple of times; he has a calming presence and a cuddliness about him that children are naturally attracted to - it's no wonder he has become the 'poster dog' for Pets as Therapy! He seems to have an ideal temperament for this line of work.

Doug, Cate and Pets as Therapy all understand the important role that dogs play in our lives and the benefits that they can bring on both a physical and psychological level.  

This book promotes emotional well-being, positivity, happiness and kindness in an imaginative, heart-warming way. It's hard to resist falling in love with this charming, charismatic little pug who takes everything in his stride; giving so much to those around him and asking for little more than a full belly and warm bed in return. We are in awe of both Doug and Cate for all the hard work that they do - a truly inspirational duo! 

Doug the Pug - A Working Dog's Tale is available to buy on Amazon

We are so proud to have Doug as a VIP (Very Important Pup) member of The Paws across Britain Pack

Click here to read about his love for Belgravia in South West London. 

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