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Ever since Pack member Scrumptious told us about The Dog Barn we've been dying to go!

We took Piglet along to The Dog Bowl café at The Dog Barn to sample some tasty treats with Elsa...

A 'human friendly' dog café!

Everything in The Dog Bowl has been crafted with dogs in mind...even my cappuccino had a paw print on it! 

Dogs have their pick of savouries, cakes, popcorn, ice cream, dog beer, pawsecco and herbal teas. 

They also host events for dogs here including doggie birthday parties! 

The dogs were served first and Elsa decided that she liked the look of what Piglet had ordered more than her ice cream. Before he even had a chance to sniff his crispy chocolate cake Elsa decided to give it a big wet lick, and she looked very pleased with herself too!

Although she does normally like ice cream, she clearly wasn't impressed with my choice so I ended up buying her a little homemade cake instead...

All the products are made with fresh, natural ingredients that are safe for dogs and both Piglet and Elsa really seemed to enjoy their treats!

Shop | Groom | Train | Play

Along with the café, The Dog Barn has a large retail shop where they sell dog food, treats, accessories, bedding and grooming products. They also have an in-house grooming salon! The field opposite The Dog Barn is used for everything from one-on-one dog training sessions to agility, flyball, socialisation, obedience and 'playtime'.

There was a 'Puppy Playtime' session just starting as we were leaving - it was lovely to see them all running around together, having fun! Unfortunately this session was only open to dogs under 6 months, so Elsa and Piglet couldn't join in on this visit, but they do hold 'Open Age Playtime' sessions too. 

Visit for more information and class details.

This is the first time that we've visited somewhere that offers so much variety in terms of the services and facilities for dogs, all on one site. 

It's a shame that we didn't coincide our visit with an Open Age Playtime session so that Piglet and Elsa could have had a run around in the field too - they would have really enjoyed that.

We were very impressed with The Dog Bowl café and it's great to see places like The Dog Barn starting to cater to the needs of contemporary pet owners who want to do more with their dogs than just go for a walk...we can see why Scrumptious loves it here! 

The Dog Barn & The Dog Bowl

Catchdale Moss Lane, St Helens WA10 5QH

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